Geomagnetic storm hitting Earth will affect telecommunications


Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) of NOAA, a division of United States National Weather Servicereported that he is monitoring Sunday and the solar winds following a series of coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that began last August 14.

Space weather forecasts make a strong prediction geomagnetic stormG3 on the NOAA scale for August 18 and will decrease to moderate on Friday, August 19.

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What is a geomagnetic storm?

The Space Weather Prediction Center reported that region 3078 produced frequent flares, including an M5 X-ray flare.

geomagnetic storm or solar storm They are produced by strong explosions on the Sun that emit high levels of solar particles, which affect the Earth’s magnetosphere, causing disturbances, which can last for hours or several days depending on their level and intensity. Is.

as shown by Pitcher On its official website, a solar storm is a rapid burst of radiation, or light, on the Sun.

Flares are the most powerful explosive events in the Solar System, as they have the energy equivalent of a billion hydrogen bombs, enough energy to power the entire world for 20,000 years.

This time, forecasters from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are monitoring a “small but compact and magnetically complex sunspot cluster, designated active region 3078, which is currently located in the hemisphere west of the Sun’s central meridian.” South”, they inform through a statement on their website.

impact on telecommunications

During this week, region 3078 generated frequent flares, including an M5 X-ray flare (Radio Blackout R2-Moderate) on August 16 and M-class flares are still possible in this sunspot region.

Space weather physicist Dr Tamitha Skov explained via her Twitter account that “interruptions to amateur radio and GPS reception are expected.”

Geomagnetic storms can strike infrastructure in near-Earth orbit and on the surface, affecting Communications, Operation of electrical networks, navigation, radio and satellites.

This could also push the aurora further south than its normal position over the polar region. Auroras can be visible from this storm, if weather conditions are favorable, then south Pennsylvania, Iowa, or Oregon,

However, recent images indicated a weakening of this storm and possible signs of possible decay.

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