Genshin Impact Version 2.5 Update Trailer Reveals Yae Miko, New Seasonal Event


Mihoyo has released a new trailer for her upcoming version 2.5 update for Genshin Impact via a Twitch live stream. The patch will be released from February 16, 2022, and introduces Yae Miko, a new five-star character, new enemies, and a seasonal event called the “Three Realms Gateway Sale.”

The new update covers the land of Enkanomiya in corrosive darkness spawning a variety of enemies. The only way to dispel it is to level up your Bokuso (special event-based device) crate by opening chests, unlocking waypoints, and completing exploration objectives in the area.

The trailer also introduced the long-awaited five-star character Yae Miko, the pink-haired vixen who uses item-based attacks to deal “steady damage off-field and high burst damage on-field.” Previous leaks had confirmed that her attacks would consist of AOE (area of ​​effect) damage that hits opponents within a tight radius.

Yae’s dedicated character banner will run for the first half of the 2.5 update, along with her signature weapon, Kaguya’s Verity. The Raiden Shogun and Sangomiya Kokumi banners will also get their replay in the second half, allowing players to try their luck with those characters. As is tradition, dedicated story missions will also be included.

The update also brings the “Divine Ingenuity” event, which allows players to create their own Mastery Dungeons and customize them using traps, terrain, leveling materials, and Adventure Points. Once finished, players can visit other domains.

Genshin Impact recently announced the final stage of its annual Lantern Rite festival, which allows players to try their luck and cast a four-star character for free. To acquire them, you need two different types of currency: 1,000 Affluence Charms and 1,000 Conquest Charms, for which you can check out more details. here.


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