Geiner Alvarado: PJ evaluated exit impediment for 36 months against censored minister


The The Judiciary evaluated the 36-month ban on exit against the censored Minister of Transportation Geiner Alvaradowhich was requested by the Public ministry. Said request is given in his capacity as an investigator for being part of an alleged criminal organization that would have benefited from contracts managed by the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation.

The former Minister of Housing He considered at the hearing that “his procedural behavior has been correct” and that he has appeared before the Prosecutor’s Office as many times as requested.

“How many times have they called me to testify, I have been there carrying evidence of all the accusations that they make against us. There have been five times in the National Prosecutor’s Office and twice in the Supranational, in which we were able to collaborate so that these issues are clarified, “said Alvarado.

After hearing the request of the Supreme Prosecutor Marco Huamán and the raid of the defense of the former Minister of Transport, Judge Juan Carlos Checkley Soria indicated that they will make a decision within the framework established by law.

It should be noted that Geiner Alvarado has repeatedly gone to the Prosecutor’s Office to provide statements on the investigation against him, which is linked to his management as Minister of Housing.

The censored minister is accused of being a member of a criminal network headed by Pedro Castillo, which would have benefited from contracts for works in Cajamarca and Lima.

Company favored by Los Chiclayanos hired Geiner Alvarado

The former Minister of Housing Geiner Alvarado presented a work certificate to the Judiciary to justify his stay in the country. The company that hires him is Constructora HT, the same one that won a work for S/5 million thanks to Emergency Decree 102-2021 approved by the former head of the MTC and President Pedro Castillo.

On October 29, Alvarado approved the decree that would benefit Los Chiclayanos with works, who were allegedly in cahoots with the businessmen who would win them. Thanks to this, Constructora HT won the work Creation of tracks and sidewalks in the El Porvenir populated center, in the district of Aramango (Amazonas).

During the government of Pedro Castillo, the fortunes of this company began to improve. He managed to win six public works in the departments of Amazonas and San Martín, whose total amount exceeds 120 million soles.

Geiner Alvarado employment contract. Photo: The Republic

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