Garamendi covers the distribution and calls Diaz’s proposal a “cartel”.


Strong defense of CEOE President Antonio Garamendi from the distribution sector. While the government, through ministers Yolanda Díaz and Alberto Garzón, is trying to reach an agreement with large supermarkets to offer shopping carts with healthy staple foods at low prices, businessmen are “putting in value”. “Closing the ranks for. region” and publicly embrace the large company and its top executives. In this defense, Garamendi also included Ana Botín, president of Banco Santander, and Ignacio Gallen, president of Iberdrola.

The CEOE’s president and candidate for re-election yesterday wanted to take advantage of the assembly of the National Association of Large Distribution Companies (ENGED) to attack the second vice president and labor minister Yolanda Diaz and an initiative promoted by the minister. Consume Alberto Garzón who seeks to “limit the prices of basic foodstuffs such as bread, milk or eggs.” Relations between employers and the labor ministry are not passing through their best. “It seems unbelievable that a member of the government promotes a cartel,” said the president of businessmen, addressing the ministers of labor and consumption. Garamendi described the scheme as “Soviet programming”, before emphasizing that he would have “cops at the door” if distributors talked about prices.

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Garamendi accused the executive of trying to “damage the image” of the companies in the distribution sector. For the Basque businessman, it rains. He drew attention to “the names and surnames of the two leaders of this country are accused”, in reference to Pedro Sánchez’s words about Botín and Galán, when he said that, if he complained, the government would. There was a good road going. “It sounds very dangerous to me,” he defended forcefully. Delivery was an essential area for Garamendi and is: “Thanks to you, we Spaniards did not know that the country was at a standstill.”

The large distributors grouped in Anged declined to negotiate with Diaz and Garzón for a healthier shopping basket proposed by the government. Employer sources say they are attending meetings with ministerial teams, but the situation is very different on diagnosis.

Engad’s president, Alfonso Marie del Val, for his part, called on the government to “be more sensitive to the difficult conditions faced by businessmen” and called for immediate measures to control inflation, which would be “a part of society”. Worst enemy because it preys on “cutting business margins and household income”.

Marie del Val once again sought to reduce the taxation of households with specific reductions in VAT on essential products and deflation of personal income tax, which governments such as Madrid, Andalusia, the Basque Country and the Community of Murcia had already announced. Is. Employers also demand solutions to reduce companies’ energy bills. In particular, a legislative framework similar to that of the electricity-intensive industry to use energy in better conditions.

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Fernando H. Valso

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According to the Employers’ Report for Distribution, 2021, Spain employs 234,857 people, 65.6% of whom are women. With 3.2 million daily subscribers, the sector calculates that last year it generated 4,000 million in tax revenue for the state and 6,750 million in salaries and contributions.

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