Galicia announces 50% extension of equity bonus


Galicia today joined the tax offensive announced by the communities of Madrid and Andalusia by announcing a bonus in the wealth tax, which will go from 25% to 50% in next year’s budget. The president of Xunta de Galicia, Alfonso Rueda, has argued that his executive makes this decision with the aim of “business activity and the safety of the people”.

In this way, Galicia is situated alongside other communities governed by the PP, which have put forward similar measures. In the case of Andalusia, from next year a 100% bonus of tax will be established, thus becoming the second community together with Madrid to abolish the tax. Other communities ruled by the popular, such as Murcia, are also studying its suppression.

At an event in Galicia last summer, the president of the Popular Party, Alberto Nez Feizu, the president of the Zunta de Galicia, Alfonso Rueda, and the former president of the government, Mariano Rajoy.

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“We are studying other measures in fiscal matters, but I hope we will not raise taxes.” “It is better to reduce taxes than to increase, there is no point in increasing them”, stressed the chairman of Xunta in a forum organized by Voice of Galicia.

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Calvino confirms that the fiscal race started by PP is “very disastrous”

For its part, the government shows its opposition to measures that collect less taxes at a time when Brussels demands the financial reform that Spain has committed to receiving European funding. In this sense, First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calvino, today urged the leader of the PP, Alberto Nez Feizu, to “give a little order” to the financial race started by communities ruled by his party. Wealth tax because it is “an irresponsible, inconsistent and destructive dynamic for the whole country”.

In this sense, he called for “someone in the popular party to order and stop or reverse this downward race, which does not contribute at all to progress and justice in the tax system.” likewise, andOffering a press conference later in Oviedo, he recalled that Andalusia is the second autonomous region in terms of health spending per resident, behind only the community ruled by Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Whereas Murcia, where its executive has announced it is going to study repression, has a “high indebtedness problem,” indicating a lack of fiscal responsibility, Calvino said.

Asked about a temporary tax for the larger fortune being prepared by the government for 2023, the minister limited himself to pointing out that technical work is being done to define it, always “a With a view to continue working on a progressive and fair tax system”. ,

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