From the basement, an Indian student in Ukraine tells NDTV that he “can hear the shelling”


“We are very close to the border. I hear explosions. We didn’t even date,” she said.

New Delhi:

As Russian forces advanced into Ukraine, thousands of Indian students waited to be moved to safety, posting SOS videos.

One of the videos emerged from the basement of a medical college in Kharkiv, in eastern Ukraine.

The video was posted by Suminder, a student at Kharkiv National Medical University.

“We are in the basement of hostel number 5 in Kharkiv. There are a lot of students here. We are asking for urgent help,” says Suminder, as her phone camera captures a room full of huddled students.

“The Indian embassy has told us that we will be transferred to other countries, but we are very close to the Russian border, so it is not possible. Please find a different solution. The government has to find a way to come.” us here and take us.” to a safe place. Our families are really worried,” she said.

Speaking to NDTV later, the student said that she and others hiding in the basement could hear continuous shelling outside.

“We are very close to the border. I hear explosions. We didn’t even date,” she said.

Nearly 16,000 Indians are stranded in Ukraine as Russian forces carry out an attack by land, air and sea on the former Soviet republic.

The government is trying to organize evacuation flights for Indians trapped in Ukraine from neighboring countries. The teams head to Ukraine’s borders with Hungary and Poland to try to bring back their citizens.

Ukraine closed its airspace shortly after Russia declared war on the country and launched an attack on major cities.

An Air India flight to Ukraine’s capital Kiev made a U-turn and returned to Delhi yesterday.


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