French manicure with 3D effect is the new viral trend for nails


nail design It will be a trend in autumn has not stopped evolving and if styles like confettito slice or Pearl announced the end of French manicureEverything now indicates that this classic shape, worn only at the tips, has evolved into a perfect image with a visual impact that seems amount Thanks to the color contrast of a technique that has gone viral on Instagram and gone unnoticed.

One of the major reasons for creating a ruckus on the net is that it french manicure with 3d effect It is very easy to achieve, it can be worn in all kinds of colors and nail styles, i.e. you don’t need a specific length to create sensation. In fact, it is this viral trend that is associated with both short nails, medium nails and those XXL’s who later tend to come back with great force. Billie Eilish You kylie jenner they will take them manicure

The best part is that the effect that mimics 3D trend without adding volume with gel at the edge of Nails is that it can be obtained from home and from justice two colors different enamel, one dark and one light, because it gap It is he who helps to create an irregular image on the nails. Of course, the result, despite being very noticeable, is very discreet as it bets on a monochrome trend.

What color would you wear them? (Photo: IG @bycheznails)

the trick viral On Instagram it stands for the combination of the same color in different tones and to achieve this you have to “divide” the surface of the nail into two parts in the middle and then apply a darker tone on one side and a lighter one. Will have to do other as if you were to make a humiliated, Then you have to let it dry and start shaping French manicure With a twist that will mesmerize everyone who pays attention.

To achieve the above, it is necessary to choose a contrasting tone, that is, in the dark half, the light enamel should go to the ends; While in the light, the darkness must be achieved french wayAlways trying to get that curved side that follows the natural silhouette of the nails.

After completing the previous steps, it is enough to apply shiny coat or enamel friend To give it the final touch and you’ll be ready to step out the style with the most viral nail designs of the moment that can be worn in all colors and trends of the moment, either by mixing pastel tones with white or pearly effects. By imitating (always repeating the pattern above), or by looking for more sensational options.

respectively; This is how this design is achieved. (Photo: IG

And that idea doesn’t end with nude or brown tones, much less with pastel ones, because as we’ve told you on other occasions, mirror effect And this litmus have also been very popular in recent weeks and, as we have confirmed, these ideas can be derived from french manicure with 3d effect, Of course, the result should not always be the same with contrast over the entire surface of the nail.

Well, among the most viral designs we’ve also found more natural nails with a layer of glitter, while tip he remains delusional amount And for this it is enough to make the classic round shape of this style, but look for effects that help to give a feeling of volume. The perfect example of the above is this motion in which the tips are very bright and with reflections. Which is your favourite?

This is another way to wear fashionable nails. (Photo: IG @marblissnail)

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