Former Homeland Security Official Says Trump’s Mind Is Overwhelmingly Incompetent With Classified Information


Former Department of Homeland Security chief of staff Miles Taylor described Trump as incredibly incompetent with classified information.


Taylor said on MSNBC:

So I have to start with although the hypocrisy because It’s not just hypocrisy. Is that Donald Trump himself he was incredibly incompetent when it came to to the protection of classified intelligence. So it’s not just that he criticized Clinton and then did something similar.

He did something much worse on multiple occasions, so much so that we were scared, legitimately scared to bring classified confidential information to the Oval Office and tell tell the president of the united states about it. We would talk about it before I would go in and when we were sure summaries we can talk to him President of the United States about this, because there was a concern that it would leak information to the public to foreign adversaries.

Taylor later gave an example of how Trump keeps classified information on his desk and picks it up to wave it around and brag about the kind of information he gets in front of cameras and reporters.

The concern that Trump leaked classified information was well founded. He tweeted classified photos. Leaked classified Israeli intelligence. Trump even leaked classified information to ISIS.

Taylor is not a reporter or someone who gets second or third hand information and passes it on.

I was in administration. Miles Taylor offers a first-hand, eyewitness perspective on the dangers of Trump. It’s easy and obvious to discuss hypocrisy (but Hillary’s emails), but there’s something more important here.

The reality is that as long as Donald Trump continues to live and breathe on this planet, he will be a threat to the national security of the United States.

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