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Former Australia captain Ian Chappell has said that Pat Cummins is a very good captain because he approaches the game with a common sense attitude. Chappell’s comments come after Justin Langer stepped down as Australia manager. Many former players publicly criticized Pat Cummins, the test leader for his role. Cummins, however, came clean and said Langer shouldn’t be surprised by what happened, since the evaluation took two years.

“Justin Langer’s demotion caused Australian hysteria to reach the stage of the Monty Python comedy, where someone yells, ‘He’s not the Aussie coach, he’s a very naughty boy.’ Cricket fans tend to pay more attention to who “It is or is not the coach instead of focusing on the important issue of the designated captain. Pat Cummins and his charges take the wickets, run and handle the chances. It is they, not the coach, who will win or lose the next series in Pakistan.” Chappell wrote in his column for ESPNcricinfo.

“Anyone who thinks international players need 24/7 training and pampering is confused. International techniques do not disintegrate. Players may encounter a problem along the way, but what goes wrong is usually in the head. talking to a preferred senior player in the team usually puts the cricketer on the right track,” he added.

Speaking more about Cummins, Chappell said: “Cummins is a smart cricketer. He is a good captain because he understands bowling, approaches the game with a common sense attitude and has tough competitors around him. He also competes fiercely on the pitch and He doesn’t have time for mischief; his team generally plays along similar lines.”

“There is no doubt that Cummins will experience more difficult days than he did against England. He will also have to fight through the occasional frustration – that is the life of a captain. However, he will establish his reputation as a good captain for the simple reason that that he is a solid leader. His captaincy will be recognized by his own effort, “he added.

Cricket Australia has accepted the resignation of men’s team head coach Justin Langer.


“Justin has been offered a short-term extension to his current contract, which he has unfortunately chosen not to accept,” said an official statement from Cricket Australia.

Langer was named coach of the men’s team in 2018 after Sandpaper Gate, in which David Warner and Steve Smith served one-year bans. Under Langer, Australia managed to win the 2021 T20 World Cup and then the Ashes.

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