Food Bonus: When do they start paying the subsidy and what are the modes of payment?


meal bonusprovided by the government through Law 31538 and intend to deal Original basket food prices riseit started Pension 65. To be distributed from this Monday, August 15th to users of social events starting from, In the coming weeks, it will be made available to the users of Together and with you.

Similarly, the second tranche of the subsidy measure will be made up of approx. 6.5 million users at risk which are not part of social programs and will be distributed from September, according to Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS),

Check out more details in the following note that how the beneficiaries can access this subsidy, how much is the amount and the dates to be able to collect.

When will the delivery of food vouchers start?

Please note that this Monday, August 15th S / 250 . Food bonus with an amount of for program beneficiaries pension 65, Also the distribution of financial assistance for users living in the most remote areas of the program will be started from September 19.

In the coming weeks, it will continue to be rolled out to those enrolled in the programs together You With you, Thus, from the third week of August, families involved in the Together program will be entitled to an additional payment of S/200. On the other hand, payment of S/300 is planned for users of Contigo by the end of August. ,

“This week has started with Pension 65, which is almost half a million beneficiaries. Next week the program starts simultaneously, which is 600,000; And, in a few weeks, the Contigo program. With this, the first phase of payment of the new food bonus is completed and it is paid along with the regular pension that these families receive,” Matias Sternberg, general manager of the bank, told TV Peru Noticias.

For the second group of beneficiaries, who are not part of social programs and who, according to data from the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS), will be approximately 6.5 million Peruvians, the subsidy S/270 and will be delivered at the end of September,

“If we go, we expect that the payment date will be by the end of September or the beginning of October, that we already have the information so that it is already available to users,” said Julio Demartini, The design and expression of the social benefits of the midis for the republic, said the general director.

What will be the modes of payment of food bonus?

Beneficiaries of Pension 65, together and with you are getting this additional balance As per the normal payment method of your bi-monthly benefit, That is, through Banco de la Nacion or through a payment cart.

  • Simultaneous program users can find out the date and place of payment through the application with me,
  • Contigo users can verify the required information here, Likewise, they can get it at any Banco de la Nación branch, ATM or authorized multiread agent.
  • Older adults belonging to the Pension 65 program can review it Yachaq mobile app To find out whether they will receive extraordinary additional subsidy with July-August payments.

Similarly, the remaining beneficiary, which will be around 6 million and who will receive S/270, will be paid. National Bank, private financial institutions, electronic wallets, and through securities transport companies (EVs) or “paying carts” to the most remote areas. For that, a schedule with payment dates will be published and users who have bank accounts or DNI accounts will be paid first.

Has the link been created for the 2022 food voucher?

No, till now Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS) No links or websites are provided for users of Food Vouchers.

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