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At 189 Dr. Lavista Street, you can enjoy the world’s most entertaining show – I Dare to Write – in the World. In Arena Mexico, also known as the Cathedral of Mexican Wrestling, men and women fight hand-to-hand with the aim of knocking down and immobilizing an opponent. A sports-dramatic pleasure. There is another enclosure 2.7 km from the building where the same thing happens. There are also men and women in it who try to knock down and immobilize their opponents… CDMX Congress. In the capital’s legislature, our local representatives constantly come up against everything, sometimes even more violently than in the ring.

This week, the location used by opposition mayors for a new confrontation with 4T was the capital’s Congress. On this occasion, the mayors of Miguel Hidalgo, lvaro Obregón, Azcapotzalco, Cuoutémoc and Benito Juárez condemned the persecution and political persecution against the coalition’s demarcation by Juan José Serrano Mendoza, the head of the CDMX General Comptroller’s Office.

from the third rope

The mayors urged the deputy to call the comptroller general of Mexico City to appear because “he is acting in an arbitrary and excessive manner.”

Miguel Hidalgo’s mayor, Mauricio Tabe, directly accused Secretary Serrano Mendoza of implementing a lynching policy where sanctions are first imposed and then investigated, and this applies only to the offices of mayors held by Morena. are not governed. “The lynchman does not respect procedures, does not respect the law,” insisted the ruler of Miguel Hidalgo.

Brunettes did not live with their arms crossed. Deputy Martín Padilla and Miguel Hidalgo’s councilor, America Miranda, condemned the fact that Mayor Mauricio Tabé used the resources and labor of territorial demarcation to overlap corrupt officials, instead of attending to priority issues and the demands of the population. Huh. ,

keys, bar and back keys

The mayor of lvaro Obregón was also clear and forceful. He requested the officer’s presence, but also demanded that he be found at work. The PAN member urged the controlling secretary to “investigate the cases of corruption and administrative defects, and the serious defects which we have condemned by the outgoing government, which are many, that they focus on the important and they make us work.” and they prevent us from setting foot every day”.

There are two combatants in each confrontation, however, we cannot see what will be the next “key” that the CDMX controller will apply, as he has not made a statement after complaining to the mayors. We sought reliance to ascertain its status and they limited themselves to telling us “At this time, the Comptroller’s Office does not plan to issue any comment on this matter.” understandable.

Another round of protests against the Fourth Transformation… That would be far more than two of the three Falls, which are headed towards 2024.

I live the news to tell you the story.

by Juan Manuel Jimenez


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