Flooding in Tarragona: Hurricane forced AP-7 and N-340 to cut


Strong raincoat falls in the last hour tarragona The city and its surroundings, which at some point gave up 117 liters per square meter, are forced to Traffic cut off on the AP-7 motorway and the N-340 roadreasons so far Over 140 calls for emergencies By Floods,

Civil Defense has been activated this Friday, in the alert phase, of the InnCat plan and, once heavy rains begin in the Tarragona area, citizens are told to limit mobility as much as possible until the period of intense rainfall is over.

suspension of acts of santa tecla festivities

Heavy rain in Tarragona – which celebrates its main festival, Santa Tecla – this Friday – and surrounding municipalities began with lightning storms in the afternoon.

The rain has forced the city to postpone various traditional acts of festivities, with water pulling many cars on the streets and turning them into floods.

road cut

The storm has cut off the EN-340 road to traffic as it passes through Villaseca in both directions of traffic, and also has intermittent cuts on the AP-7 motorway between El Vendrell (Tarragona) and Tarragona. Full operational exit by the Mercè Bridge, the patron saint festival of Barcelona.

The rain meant that the train leaving Barcelona’s Franca station at 4:13 pm for Port Aventura halted at Tarragona station due to a lack of supplies in the catenary, and an indefinite number of convoy parking at stations in that province.

117 liters per square meter in Constantia

In total, as of 6:00 PM today, 140 calls have been received by the emergency services, due to incidents caused by rain, mainly due to low or flooded roads.

Between 17:30 and 18:30, the Generalitat Fire Department received 94 reports of rain-related problems, 73 from the city of Tarragona, four from the city of Altafulla, and five more from Reus. Rain in Constanti has dropped 117 liters per square metre, of which 37.7 has fallen in just half an hour.

Barcelona on alert

Catalonia’s Meteorological Service (SMC) has issued a warning of possible torrential rain for tonight and morning, which could release more than 20 liters of water per square meter in half an hour, especially in the coastal and east-coastal areas of Barcelona. . ,

According to the SMC, the most intense rainfall can sometimes exceed 30 or 40 liters per square meter and may be locally accompanied by storms and violent weather events (strong wind, hail, snap or tornado).

The same service has warned that there could be a lot of change in the sea conditions in the coming hours with the prevailing swell and strong swell areas.

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