Find Morelos in conjunction with the EMA and Canasintra denominations of rice origin


Within the framework of the National Conference of Managers and Directors canasintraMexican Accreditation Unit (EMA) reported that he had signed an agreement with the government of Morelos to promote The denomination of origin of rice in the unit,

EMA’s president, Mario Gorena Miralles, revealed that they are also working to Industrialists know the concepts of metrologyStandardization, conformity assessment and recognition that support the competitiveness and sustainability of their businesses

The above happens after Jose Antonio Centeno ReyesThe President of National CANACINTRA had the vision to attend all the delegations of the organization to learn about the importance of compliance with standards and quality infrastructure system.

José Antonio Centeno Reyes had the vision to connect all the delegations of the organization. Photo: Special

Gorena said, “Since our inception at EMA, we have waged a crusade to make industrialists aware of the importance of compliance with standards and quality infrastructure system, as well as the concepts of metrology, standardization, conformity assessment and recognition. ” look at them

Similarly, he thanked the government of Morelos, represented at the firm by Ana Cecilia Rodriguez González, Secretary of Economic and Labor Development, for its commitment and drive to the development of a quality infrastructure system.

EMA has emerged to evaluate and accredit laboratories, inspection units and certification bodies that demonstrate their confidence and technical competence in compliance with standards that permit the health, heritage, environment, safety and protection of common communication channels. , among others.

To date, it has awarded more than 7,300 beliefs The same ones that are recognized nationally and internationally, as EMA is reputed in more than 100 countries, which gives credibility and confidence to receive its recognition.

The state of Morelos has an EMA accredited structure of 33 testing and calibration laboratories, 45 inspection units and 2 diagnostic laboratories.

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