Fernando Simón gives one reason for the increase in bronchiolitis: it is something we have stopped doing


Director of the Health Alert and Emergency Coordination Center, Fernando Simon, have pointed to one of the possible reasons for the increase in hospital admissions of minors with bronchiolitis.

With the use of this type of virus and other pathogens “children have seen their exposure very little” masks and social distancing, solution” that now They have already disappeared”. Simone made statements to the media minutes before attending a health conference in Cáceres.

All of this, he said, “means that there may be an increase in cases in bronchiolitis than expected.” “We still do not have data that indicates this increase has exceeded expectations,” said Simone, who called on “professionals to leave the work in peace and allow concrete information to come to light”. , and it is important not to start speculating more.


In this context, he referred to an episode of adenovirus-associated hepatitis in the United Kingdom.

British health officials admitted last spring that there was mounting evidence linking the new cases registered acute childhood hepatitis with adenovirus infection, “However it was never possible to demonstrate that association.”

He said, “It came out in a timely manner and was not registered in other countries. Something similar may happen here with any other virus. We still have a lot of research to do on it.”

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After commenting that he is not an expert in respiratory diseases, “I am not a pulmonologist, all the more,” Simone has stated that “Bronchiolitis has always been, because those are the episodes that usually occur in the winter season.” “Now we have Many factors – he said – that have come together to put us in this situation, with pandemics of influenza and respiratory viruses that most commonly affect children during the cold season”.

“These two episodes have come together, when the usual thing is that they happen at different times. Besides, we are continuing with the coronavirus,” he said. In this regard, he said that “the Covid crisis is over and the health emergency may be close to ending, but the pandemic is still here and we continue to have infections”.


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