Ferland Mendy’s resistance to facing his toughest challenges


TeaThere are a lot of football players here who are hard to explain to critics and fans, but are integral to their coaches’ eyes. that’s right ferland mendymatter on real madrid below Carlo Ancelotti,

The Italian sees the full-back as a safe pair of hands on the left-back, knowing he brings balance to the Los Blancos team.

UEFA Super Cup Final, EintrachtFrankfurtThe best chance of directly coming from a mistake made by mendyBut Thibaut Courtois had come to the rescue.

ancelottiresponse was not intended mendyBut Vinicius Junior Instead, with the Italian focusing on Brazil’s defensive efforts throughout the game.

“Our left-back is mendy, ancelotti Said explicitly during the pre-season tour of the United States, dispelling any doubts about his position on the team. Anthony RudigerSignatures appeared indicating a change to the left David Alaba,

Although some teams seem to be on target mendy Feather real madridIf left, it is clear that he contributes greatly to the team. When he is on the pitch, Los Blancos has a better record than when he is not.

Mendy’s victory

since joining real madrid, mendy Overcoming the challenges faced.

First, he took marceloXI and kept Brazil out of the squad, eventually dropping him. then came Michael Gutierrez to challenge for the position, but he’s on now Girona That’s why mendy Dig deep and caught.

now, Rudigerit meant that Appreciation there was another opponent for the position, but ancelotti He has complete confidence in his left back, and is happy to keep things going because they know how much mendy brings to the team.

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