Federer’s shock on the day of his farewell with Nadal, accompanied by McEnroe protests and Djokovic laughs: “Is this cool?”


Roger Federer He bids farewell to professional tennis this weekend at the Rod Laver Cup, a tournament that takes place at the O2 in London and this Friday sparked the long-awaited duel with Rafa Nadal in doubles, doubles sock and Tiafo. against.

Swiss, a. 20 time winner of Grand Slamalso starred in one of the strangest actions ever seen on a tennis court, with a strange jolt that forced judges to decide on its legality as the ball went through internal net holePuts tension under the string.

The chair umpire intervened after an investigation into the action in replays and after the protest McEnroe: “Is it okay?”, asked the judge pointing to the hole through which the ball passed. The third game of the match was drawing to a close and Helvetian’s forehand served to suspense the game, leading to a 40–15 advantage, but the referee refused. not considered valid,

Novak himself. DjokovicNadal and Federer’s teammates laughed on the bench at the Swiss’ action.

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