FASHION 2022: 5 trending summer dresses perfect for all women


has arrived the summer and with this new season come the best trends to look at fashion. meOn this occasion we present 5 dress styles What are they perfect for all women and with whom you will undoubtedly shine wherever you go in this 2022.

The catwalks already showed the best of the trendsand when we talk about dresses for him summer there are many styles that are maintained from the spring and also that have returned or remained over the years, such as classic white or denim.

1. Dress pull apart

Fashion experts indicate that dresses with opening in the middle area are the favorites of the summer. Side openings, asymmetries and impossible necklines are positioned at the top of the trends, and the pull apart They are a good option for any event, since they can be carried out in short or long.

The cuts at the waist are perfect to stylize the silhouette. Photo: Pinterest

2. In pastel colors

it is summer you can play with the colors, and the pastel shades will be the most seen, it doesn’t matter if they are shirt-style, with puffed sleeves or lingerie-inspired, any of these options is right for the season and especially for those women who wants something very chic and at the same time feminine and romantic.

Pastel tones will reign this season. Photo: Pinterest

3. The classic shirt

comes the summer and the dress shirt reappears, as it is perfect for 25-year-old girls and for 70-year-old women, since it always favors, they are comfortable, fresh and very versatile. One of the preferred styles is denim, but its design arose from whoever wears it.

The denim shirt style is a favorite. Photo: Pinterest

4. White dresses, perfect for summer

The colored garments white They are a basic in any woman’s wardrobe, and the coming season is perfect for wearing dresses in this tone. They are ideal for any summer plan, and without a doubt there are as many styles as there are personalities, so you will surely find one that is ideal.

The best for the summer. Photo: Pinterest

5. Safari style dresses

The dresses safari-inspired, which are characterized by pockets and a belt, are ideal for the season, especially if they are worn in shades such as khaki or beige, or green. Son perfect to wear with ankle boots and flat sandals, but if you want to give them a more chic touch, heels will be ideal.

Perfect for any age. Photo: Pinterest


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