‘Exconsularers’ rule and Nadal debate infrastructure ideology (or not)


Between 2003 and 2010, Joaquim Nadali was the ‘consulter’ of Territorial Policy and Public Works, back then, deputy inclusive Joseph Rule exercised Oppose Transportation, urban planning, on roads, roadways or airports. were legendary discussions In Parliament between the two (“they were vigorous, Dynamic, funny, we all expected him as we learned things”, recalled TV3’s parliamentary historian on Wednesday. Josep Marty and Rigaus) with years, Rule became ‘Concealer’ (2016–2017), with expanded powers since he assumed environment in the same wallet, Had to discuss appointment in Barcelona future of infrastructurewith Climate change Shake energy crisis of background.

was the hostess infrastructure.catHe This 2022 turns into a decade what executor of public works of the Generalitat and, away from the desire to celebrate past times, wish to reflect on how Make, manage either grasp Railway infrastructure, school, hospital or administrative office. “We want to see MorningWe want to do better than what we have done,” said company president public, Michael Buchu, “we have a commitment To study climate change and many aspects such as new construction systems or taking advantage of artificial intelligence, for example,” described Butch.

politician war stories

Too many Nadal what rule He devoted himself to analyzing what could happen in this area. In the palace room of the Pedralbes he listened to them, besides ‘ministers‘ of the bouquet, Louis Ricarder (2010–2012), former member of Board of directors infrastructures.cat (geese For the oldest), businessmen, engineers, representatives and consultants of construction companies, as well as politicians. In all, 170 people nodded or smiled with ‘war stories’ of both.

If they agreed on anything, it was that Catalonia is late energy transition, “Windmills are reversible, but climate change is not. Making a commitment to sustainable infrastructure is driven by The planet and for economic benefits in the short term,” insisted CiU. ‘Former Minister’ of when socialist He complained that “he doesn’t like the image if we look in the mirror”.

a vignette in which votes are spent

The two agreed that one of these sources was to be deceived. road maintenance a. is the implementation of bullet pointDespite successive ministries of promotion (now transport) of all colors have been postponed. Catalan thought, that was exactly part of that increased value can be used for policies promotion of public transport either fleet upgrade which pollute less.

Rule recalled that, during his tenure, a senior ministerial post appreciated them Brief Preposition of GeneralitatBut soon afterwards he forgave himself for not implementing it, assuring that “these Andalusia, Extremadura and Castilla La Mancha“They will “kill” them and “there are too many votes”. NadalMeanwhile, Kay Menendez missed another opportunity at Pelayo University Santander in which it is considered Minister Anna Pastor was about to announce Payment for use on highways and expresswaysBut he withdrew at the last moment.

one kilometer no more road

“It is true that with friend josep rull There was an argument”, Girona’s ‘former adviser’ agreed, but with whom he was “really fighting”, according to him, it was with him. Contractor: “They reprimanded us for bidding low and doing it for 5 billion per yearWhich later led to the ‘president’ Artur Maas accusing us that there were cobwebs in the box. This confirmation worked for Rule to blurt out his smile, without giving up: “The ‘Consulter’ recorder had to manage it. empty box with exceptional professionalism”. It was one of those moments in which parliamentary fencing between the two,

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other instant with spark Went with the question: “The infrastructure Do they have an ideology?”, launched by the moderator. “It would be a Destruction“, Convergence quickly replied, to which Nadal chose to “disagree on the specifics”, as he insisted, “any policy is loaded with ideology“. And he launched: “No one has the uniqueness of progress. But, and it’s not about you, rule, our country has or doesn’t have political structures that think it shouldn’t be built one kilometer no more road,

“Yeah, and it’s a . Destruction‘, replied the ‘former minister’ for territories and sustainability. More than a decade later, the ‘former minister’ continues face, With less enthusiasm since then, but in different ways of understanding things.

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