EXCLUSIVE: CBSE Term 2 Extra Sample Papers made available for more Practice of Subjective Paper, Class 10 and 12


CBSE Term-2 datesheet is expected anytime soon and with the omicron variant in control, it is almost certain that the subjective paper will be conducted in offline mode. With the change of the CBSE paper pattern to subjective for Term 2, students are struggling to adapt to the long-form of answer writing, as it relies on solid knowledge of concepts. CBSE officials are conscious of this concern and have provided their official sample paper for Term-2 on 14th January 2022.

However, to help students further, more sample papers are launched for CBSE Class 10 and 12 students yesterday on the platform. These papers are provided as resource book material as per the latest update. What we saw in this resource material is another new concept of the self-evaluation chart, similar to what is probably given to CBSE paper checkers. We have summarised this latest update below:

  • Students are provided for the first time with more than 11 extra papers for class 10 and class 12 (based on the original Term 2 CBSE sample paper that came on 14th January 2022).
  • To make it easy for students to cover all steps of a 3 to 5 mark question, for the first time, self-evaluation charts (see below screenshot) are introduced along with these extra sample papers.

Example screenshot of a Self-evaluation Chart for Class 12 Maths

Link to access these charts inside the study resource

Such a checklist type chart is presumably given to CBSE paper checkers to award marks to students. It was mentioned that the CBSE Marking scheme was used as a basis for these charts.

Screenshot of Science Time Management Chart provided

  • This resource material is really a big help provided by Educart to help CBSE students focus on result-oriented preparation, while all teachers can use them to plan and train the students strategically in the remaining 2-3 months of the academics.

Remember, that the focus now is really to get the preparation going as per the new pattern and get the NCERT completed as per the rationalised syllabus. It is expected that the offline classes in the majority of states will start to open in the next few weeks, which will give students some much-needed facetime with teachers to prepare better.

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