Exchequer keeps tax incentive for diesel at 100%


Ministry of Finance and Public Debt (SHCP)) He said that 100 percent for diesel Promotion of Special Taxes on Production and Services (IESP); while for A slight increase in Magna gasoline will apply Even then premium one cut,

By next Saturday 24 September and Friday 29 September, according to the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), great gasoline (with less than 91 octane) There will be a marginal increase in fiscal stimulus with 75.66 per centAgainst last week’s 73.36 percent.

Magna Gasoline will have a marginal increase in fiscal stimulus to 75.66%. Photo: Special

In this way, for noble gasoline, consumers will have to pay 1.33 pesos per liter,

for its part, premium gasoline (equal to or greater than 91 octane) in a . Will happen Fiscal stimulus cut as it will achieve 57.73 per centThis is less than 60.69 per cent approved last week.

For this premium gasoline of more than 91 octanemotorists have to pay 1.96 pesos per liter,

With regard to supplementary incentives, only diesel will receive this financial assistance. However, the Finance Ministry also cut this support and reduced it to 0.34 pesos per liter from 1.76 pesos per litre.

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