EuroMillions winner takes 193 million jackpot


ruffle off EuroMillions have given your boat this friday €193 million For the first class winner (5 hits + 2 stars) who have validated their ticket United Kingdom,

In Spain, the draw is over a new millionaireWinners of the El Milan code, which has been validated at the lottery administration in Seville.

in addtion second tier (5 hits + 1 star) There have been a total of eight successful tickets, which have fetched 144,591.61 Euros. Three of these tickets have been validated in Spain, specifically barcelona, San Juan Beach (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) and Rivas-Vakiyamadri (Madrid).

On the other hand, out of a total of seven winners third grade (5 hits), one of them has validated his ticket gran canarian palms,

as reported Lotteries and State BetsIn the next Euromillions draw, a Guaranteed fund of 17 million euros For the first class winners.

raffle fundraiser The total held this Friday has risen to 88,638,536.80 euros.

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