EU asks countries like Russia to suspend Security Council


Charles Michel, President of the European Council at the United Nations General Assembly. , EFE

The community body president sees it “necessary and necessary” to reform the body for condemning a member who “exposes an unwarranted and unjustified war”.

The uproar grows at the United Nations to punish Russia for the world-shaking attack against Ukraine, but also to reform the multilateral organizations that should have taken their toll. This Friday European Council President Charles Michel called the reform “necessary and urgent”.

Since Russia is one of five members with a permanent seat and veto power on the Security Council, in March it barred the body dedicated to maintaining international peace and security from condemning it. The resolution was to be moved to the plenary session of the General Assembly, which is much more democratic, as it is made up of 193 member states, but without a binding nature. It was clear to everyone that you cannot be both the judge and the jury. The question is how to fix this major sin of the United Nations.

Michel believes that “when a permanent member of the Security Council engages in an unprovoked and unjustified war that is condemned by the General Assembly, his suspension from the Security Council should be automatic.” For many, this would be too little, as the consensus matches their opinion that “the current system is not inclusive and representative enough”, something that US President Joe Biden said in his speech on Wednesday. But only the five countries that have this privilege will have to give it up, and it won’t be easy.

“A strong multilateral system requires mutual trust,” insisted the Belgian politician representing Europe. With his intervention, there are already three powers in favor of limiting that power – the US, France and the United Kingdom – leaving the decision up to Russia and China at a time when both countries are on the defensive. His representatives will have the opportunity to speak tomorrow, Saturday, although such cooperation is not expected from what he said Thursday at a Security Council meeting called by France to discuss the crisis in Ukraine. United Nations

war is everyone’s business

Russia maintains that the West was silent, while separate regions of Ukraine were invaded with US help against pro-Russian populations. China says it is for peace, but insists it does not interfere in the sovereign affairs of other countries. Michel believes that war is everyone’s business, blaming it for exacerbating the pandemic crisis and putting nearly a fifth of humanity at risk of falling into poverty and famine.

To prevent a recurrence of such a situation, he calls for “greater food sovereignty”, particularly for Africa and Latin America, and an investment effort in renewable energy that will allow other countries to re-energize energy as a weapon of war. prevents use. The present moment, in his opinion, is a turning point in the history of humanity, which once again validates Winston Churchill’s observation in 1946 in the context of the failure of the League of Nations to prevent World War II. « The League of Nations – the forerunner of the United Nations Organization – failed not because of its principles or concepts. It failed because those principles were abandoned by the states that established it,” he explained. This is, for the United Nations, a moment of truth.

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