Ethel Pozzo upset by journalistic coverage of Diego Bertie’s death


He seeks respect for his family. ethel well Many were enraged after journalists tried to find out the cause of death Diego Berti Later Fell from the 14th floor of his building.

driver ofAmerica todayA journalist from his program was connected live with the team, which included details of the actor’s death outside the hospital Casimir Uloa,

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What caused Ethel Pozzo’s annoyance?

Seeing the arrival of the prosecutor, even the influencer could not hide his trouble. Liz Loeza In the hospital, where the interpreter was transferred, as reporters from various media quickly surrounded the officer and asked him the details of the death, something that greatly angered Gisela’s daughter.

“He passed away by 4 am, we still do not have him. The body is left lifeless and will be taken to the morgue,” the prosecutor told the press. If it remains, The host of “My mom cooks better than you” harshly questioned other television programs for not respecting and urging the singer’s relatives. Even asked his own reporter to stop questioning about the cause of death.

,Respect has been sought, please, Osvaldo (“America Hoy” reporter) There will be a time, I think on Sunday … in other types of shows, unfortunately you want to look ahead and know the details”, she pointed to a clearly annoyed and cut live connection with the outskirts of the hospital.

Ethel reported that in the morning she was not going to dig into the details of the actor’s death or the reactions of his relatives, but, on the contrary, would focus on Diego’s career and achievements.

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“For “America hoy” at this time, the great Diego deserves it, we should talk about what he gave us in life, those 30 years of career, how humble and simple he was. He said that when I started I was given a chance, I didn’t even study,” Pozzo said.

Gisela Valcarcel mourns the death of Diego Bertie: “I will meet him; i believe in resurrection

Valcarcel sought respect for Bertie’s family, something that was supported by his daughter, Ethel Pozzo. Both informed the public that they would not focus on the cause of the actor’s death or the reactions of his relatives, and, on the contrary, would focus on Diego’s career and achievements.

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“We will meet. Diego is gone for eternity and I am going to meet him; I believe in the resurrection and I will remember it with love, with respect. I cherish this moment to be as intimate as it is to his family.” I will give as much as I should,” said Gisela.

Magali Medina after the death of actor Diego Berti: “It was shocking”

Magali Medina elaborated on whose death did he learn of? Diego Berti For that moment and what did he feel.

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,This morning at 6:30, while I was training at my home gym, I heard Philip Butters report, it was shocking at one point, it was so strong”, said the controversial presenter on his program “Magley TV”. Commented on: Symbol”, who also said that the actor always seemed to him an emotionally stable person.

Diego Berti: Minister Salas makes the Grand National Theater available for actors to see

death of diego berti shook Peru’s show business and acting industry, The artist’s friends and relatives voiced their opinion about her and the media released notes from the past to remember her best moments on screen. For this reason, Alejandro Salas, Minister of Culture, made a supportive decision.

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“We are trying to communicate with them, but I use the media to tell the relatives of Diego Berti that they have the Gran Teatro Nacional on behalf of the Peruvian government and, of course, the facilities of the Ministry of Culture. , if so they consider it appropriate, so that their remains may be taken there”, expressed to the media.

,I believe that all Peruvians, who have admired his work and citizens in general, would also like to be able to say goodbye to him; However, in honor of the family, they will decide”, concluded Minister Alejandro Salas.

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Diego Berti: Fans plant flowers outside the building where he lived

The nation mourns the death of actor Diego Bertie with a long career in film, television and theatre. On this 5 August, it was confirmed that the artist fell from the 14th floor of his house. His fans said goodbye by leaving flowers outside the building where he lived. The interpreter was found with low vital signs, he was taken to Casimiro Uloa Hospital, but he died.

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Rebecca Escribans Saves Emotional Audio By Diego Berti: “I’m Not Going To Share It”

Rebecca Ecriban mourns the passing of Diego Bertie. “I understand your pain, Fede, very close to family. My partner is absolutely hurt, there are things we will never understand like death, it’s hard to cope. Let’s keep the privacy of Diego’s family, pain ,” the driver began.

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Mario Casereto, Fire Chief, recalls moments with Diego Bertie: “a great friend”

After the departure of Diego Berti, The show’s individual figures show that the tales lived with the actor. All of them included Mario Casereto, the chief of Peruvian firefighters, who maintained a link with “everyone’s lips” and spoke warmly about this unfortunate incident.

,We, when we find someone who is already dead, just communication to the National Police, Ministry of Public so that they can take charge. In case of vital signs present, the transfer should be immediate, as done with the support of Serenazgo de Miraflores.”, he said while introducing the link.

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Ricciardo Rondon continued: “Commander, there are so many things, as hard and difficult moments, I imagine it for you as well because I’m going to comment on it because I think you know Diego Berti very well. Knew the way. At some point you also got an opportunity to act with him”.

“I stayed with him for several days, several days we were in the recording phase of the novel ‘Lionella’, when we worked at La Molina, that I was the head of security”, he revealed.

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Santi Lasmes believes Diego Bertie deserves to be screened at Gran Teatro Nacional

During the broadcast of “Up My People”The drivers expressed their condolences to the family of Diego Bertie and Santi Lessmes took some time on the air to request the Minister of Culture.

“I understand the situation and the family, but I think Diego Bertie deserves to be seen at the National Theatre. He will deserve that all the people who love him, adore him, idolize him and always have him.” Will idolize, will be able to say goodbye to him. I respect the decisions of the family, but if they were in favour, I would ask the government to open its doors and say a final goodbye,” he said.

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