Esther Lopez: Researchers ask Inditex for help


The lifeless body of Esther López de la Rosa was found seven-and-a-half months earlier in a ditch in Traspinado (Valladolid) on 5 February, and despite the fact that one of the captives was later released—and the second suspect, now investigators Under the magnifying glass of K the main name remains unresolved. Given this, the judge and the Civil Guard continue to look for ways to advance their investigation, which has led to the armed institution requesting Inditex’s cooperation, as reported. open case,

In particular, the Civil Guard has asked the Galician textile multinational to analyze some of the fibers found in Esther’s nails to check that they are from Zara brand pants – Inditex’s main firm – that Oscar S. It was worn on the morning of January 12 to 13, when the 35-year-old victim went missing.

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To do this, Inditex will study the fiber in modern laboratories in Galicia. At the time, Civil Guard criminals could already tell that the fibers found by forensic experts did not match Esther’s clothing and matched the physical characteristics and chemical composition of Oscar S.

The only hint that investigators now want to delve into to determine whether it can be confirmed that, beyond coincidence, these fibers were in fact from the main suspect’s pants. To do so, Inditex laboratories will attempt to reveal more details of the fibers such as the year of manufacture, batch or point of sale of the pants to which they match, according to reports. open case,

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A month earlier, criminals from the Civil Guard were already able to confirm that Oscar S’s trunk contained Esther’s DNA samples, although investigators believe she thoroughly washed the car.

However, there is no further evidence against the prime suspect, who has always defended his innocence, assuring that although he was with Esther from 3:00 on the night of January 12 to 13, they parted ways. attended when she wanted to continue partying and he went home. Now, and with the help of Inditex, the Civil Guard can add a new clue against the prime suspect, or debunk it.

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