‘ERC, one of lime and another of sand’, by Jordi Mercader


Togetherafter tearing his clothes for a while, he decided to face the suspension of Laura Borràs patiently, almost mutely, as a deputy and president of Parliament, making it clear that this is a mess organized by CKD and, consequently, it is up to the Republicans to find the formula to get out of the quagmire. They, self-proclaimed victims of the application of the regulation and the wickedness of their partners, they do not intend to lift a finger to resolve the vacuum in the presidency of the Catalan Chamber. And, suddenly, the ERC has entered the tremor and despite having votes to spare to elect a new president of the Parliament has entered a zen phase, letting the institutional vacuum transitory becomes a unprecedented nonsense. Unfortunately for them, It’s not Madrid’s fault.

ERC gives a lime and a sand in its relations with Junts. He did not hesitate to apply the regulations to Borràs, but he had not decided what to do the next day. A disaster. Perhaps they believed that their disloyal partners would accept the suspension of the President of the Parliament with resignation and would offer a name within a few hours to make their accusations against the ERC, PSC and the CUP of collaborating with the “justice of the oppressive state”. So much ingenuity cannot be surprising at this height either; however, one thing is the chronic naivety of ERC and the other the gravity of tolerating the vacancy of the presidency of Parliament for fear of Junts’ reactions.

Quim Torra inaugurated the policy of systematic delegitimization of institutions Catalan autonomous communities, the historical ones, in order to favor, according to their calculations, the advent of the republic. The prophecy has no sign of being fulfilled and ERC seemed to stay out of this barbarity, but in the face of Junts’ new attempt to put such delegitimation into practice, the Republicans have decided give in to the blackmail of their partners. ERC puts compliance with the investiture agreement with the Borràs party ahead of the demand for the normal functioning of the Catalan Chamber. A pact, by the way, violated daily, in the opinion of its partners.

That wet paper government deal it has now become a sacrosanct commitment, leaving an institution of all out in the open. must be a tribute to president Torra. The fear of CKD to go ahead in the process of substituting Borràs turns the table’s decision into a false step, into a trap for those groups that opted to apply the regulation to a deputy in the process of being tried for corruption. Junts shrewdly handed over the handle to the Republicans and they do not dare to use it, leaving all at the mercy of Borràs’s partythat has transmuted the initial defeat into a tactical victory.

A pyrrhic and transitory victory of finally being condemned by Borràs, but a position of strength for the duration of the interiman interim that will focus attention during the national policy debate and the celebration of 1-Odrowning out the most pressing issues. The first affected will naturally be the president Aragonesewhich has been announcing that the economic crisis must be the priority. The loss of time is not a novelty in Catalan politics carried out by the pro-independence leaders. It is already a tradition of which the first five years will soon be celebrated. They have made it a characteristic of the movement that they aspire to infect all of Catalonia.

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