End of tobacco on rooftops brings discrepancies in hospitality sector


announcement of consultant of the health of the Generalitat, Joseph Maria ArgimonIn addition to school environments and public transport stops, there is a glimpse of tobacco being banned on roofs. anomalies Among the affected parties in the hotel and restaurant sector.

While the majority revolted against the Generalitat not only because of the “hasty manner” in which it explained it – in an interview on TV3, but also for doing so at “bad economic times”, there are those who oppose it. Celebrate for “public health”. This is the case of CCOO, who distances himself Barcelona Restoration Guild, From other associations of hoteliers – such as in Girona -, from other unions – such as UGT– and from other regions such as overnight stay,

Barcelona Restoration Guild / CG . President of Roger Pallaroles

CCOO stands out

You have to bet on your health. This is an assessment of the person in charge of the CCOO hospitality sector in Catalonia, paco galwanconsidering which Argimon’s declaration evaluates to “positive” Health “must be a priority”, In this sense, the spokesperson recalls that tobacco smoke “affects not only customers, but also workers who being exposed to passive smokers throughout the day“. Indeed, it is one of the justifications of consultant what to ban leading cause of premature death Catalonia, throughout Spain and Europe.

However, from the CCOO they believe that the measure will have economic consequences for hoteliers, for which they demand that the government initiate “dialogues” with the Catering Guild and employers to reach a consensus. In this way, “sources can be accessed reduce economic impact,

“waiters are not policemen”

Where they are coercive, it is in the responsibility the worker will need to adhere to a future standard from customers: “Waiters are not police officers, so they should not expose themselves in certain situations,” explains Galvan, who Let us acknowledge that during this Covid, “Verbal and physical threats” have increased For example, toward employees for asking a customer to put on a mask or remove a cigarette.

But this is not the first time that this union has put itself in a different position from the rest. This was seen last Tuesday, when UGT and CONFECAT sign Collective Bargaining Agreement of the hotel and catering sector in Catalonia, which affects approximately 125,000 workers. The document contains a salary increase 4% this year, 3% in 2023 and 2% in 2024, but the CCOO has not signed off, alleging it does not include wage reviews and “does not improve the harmony between family and work life”.

low consumption and income

The deregulation of CCOO has surprised the rest of those affected, bearing in mind that banning tobacco on rooftops would stop many people who used to consume outdoors, which translates to. less consumption and therefore less income, “The decision will be detrimental to workers who may see their workforce shrinking,” he warned. Igor Abascal, Secretary of Hotels and Restaurants of UGT Catalonia. In the context of the economic crisis and with skyrocketing inflationremember.

He agrees that tobacco is “harmful” to everyone, including employees, but “like many other things.” “One thing has nothing to do with the other,” he said. And remember that the restaurant sector was now recovering from the consequences of Covid. For this reason, Generalitat needs to find a consensual “solution” that is not harmful to the region. “As a parent, I understand that Smoking is prohibited at the entrance of the schoolBut in the case of the hotel industry it is more delicate because it is concerned with the money of the families,” Abascal said.

Las Ramblas / CG .  Image of waiter walking on roof

Las Ramblas / CG . Image of waiter walking on roof

they demand dialogue

Along the same lines, spokesperson for the Soho Gracia Group, Albert mud, who regret “so much regulation”. “We are getting worse and worse, because all the rules they announce are always to the detriment of the company and the employee.” In this sense, he is committed to giving each establishment the freedom to decide what they want for their customers: “If you go up to a terrace and it bothers you that the person next to you is smoking So you have two choices: either you get up and leave, or you say “.

Thus, if Argimon’s decision has shown anything, it is that area does not agree Whether the economy or public health should be given priority. And the thing is, hoteliers play a lot. Only in Barcelona, ​​the Restoration Guild account that field employing over 80,000 people, but they agree on something, they add to ConfecatIf the government wants to talk to all the parties Transform this declaration into a good law.

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