Editorial ABC: The danger of an injured animal


As Russian dictator Vladimir Putin decides to have a partial, even partial mobilization of the civilian population, the most obvious recognition is that all his plans to crush Ukraine have failed miserably. There have certainly been many Russian civilians who have so far been able to live in ignorance of the reality of the huge number of combat casualties suffered by their military, but after the announcement that 300,000 people were tried to be forcibly recruited. was to be recruited. Operation, no one can doubt that Russia’s military position on the ground after more than six months of the war is disastrous. In a matter of hours, all escape tickets from the country to any destination the Russians are still allowed to enter, which is the only way to say their thoughts about this unfortunate war, are sold out. Putin is also not oblivious, because on the day he approved, just as suddenly, legislation that specifically increases punishments for deserters and thousands of people face the dire dilemma of going straight to prison or dying at the front. . In the past few hours, nearly 500 people have been arrested for protesting Putin’s militaristic illusions, adding to the tragedy the inherent danger to any injured animal now that its handling of the failure has become unpredictable. The fanatics he keeps around him in favor of a full and unofficial war to crush Ukraine would like to prevail. And the fear of showing Putin’s weakness could make him even more dangerous.

The rest of his speech, including the decision to unilaterally declare the fake referendum in broken areas part of Russian territory, or the ominous reminder that it maintains a powerful nuclear arsenal, can hardly be called anything new. Nor are their baseless allegations against the West in general, or NATO in particular, as alleged attackers new. All this was already in the initial script of what he called a “special military operation”, when he believed that in a matter of weeks he would have subdued the Ukrainians. What is new is that once its failure is confirmed, it sees no way but to increase its commitment to war in all senses, which means it is intentionally leading the world to a conflict. that can cross Ukrainian borders. And it has done so during the United Nations General Assembly, when all world leaders, with the unfortunate exception of China, are staging their diplomatic isolation in New York, which is playing on vulnerable democracies, even though yesterday it vowed to stop the fires. was requested.

The only answer to this unacceptable test of Putin by the free world is to maintain economic sanctions and increase support for Ukraine. Recruiting hundreds of thousands of soldiers is not easy because it takes time that Ukrainians should not drive away their attackers, and even less so now that winter is approaching. Putin’s apocalyptic threats may sound frightening, but it should be remembered that they are made by someone who has failed in his attempt to crush a country much smaller than his own, and that his army has so far been a gang of criminals. behaved like. The fate of peace will be played out in Russia and Europe in the coming months and there is no possible way out for the Europeans but Putin’s defeat, whatever the cost.

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