Editorial ABC: Defense of the Late Culture


The left side of ‘Not for War’ – a campaign whose apparent pacifism failed to cover its unquestionable political objectives – has transformed into an Atlanticist based on the strategic needs of the government. NATO thus becomes a noble alliance, defense spending acquires a progressive character and militarism becomes a necessity to guarantee our rights and freedoms. In an electoral nod to voters of the radical left, Pedro Sánchez came to advocate before arriving at La Moncloa for the abolition of the Ministry of Defense, a department whose parties have not stopped growing to fulfill commitments made with NATO. – ignored since 2014 agreed to increase defense spending to 2 percent of GDP – an organization whose partners have accelerated their re-arming process after the invasion of Ukraine.

This paradigm shift, forced by Putin’s declared war on the free world, collides with the anti-military culture that the left has cultivated among its voters, who in recent decades have not stopped being seduced by the idea that there is no defense in defense. Investments have also cut money. Social spending, a pillar of a welfare state with lots of tanks, fighters and warships. The creation by UME’s José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, already essential in the fight against natural adversities, came to represent the concept of the military as a completely human body, capable of performing any offensive action. was devoid of Only the conflict between PSOE and United We Can, resulting in an increase in the budget of the Ministry of Defense, illustrates the difficulty of the Left in accepting military discourse and abandoning its dogma.

In these circumstances, which are unfavorable to the pedagogy of defense culture, the department headed by Margarita Robles has decided to subsidize the Fundación Alternativas, directed by Diego López Garrido, a former socialist deputy and whose board of trustees also includes the former leader of the PSOE. , as well as directors and former directors of government-related media – for spreading the new militaristic sect of the executive and projecting it into public opinion as a social progress. La Moncloa takes recourse to a 2005 law that “makes Spanish society know, value and recognize its history and, with a concerted and effective effort, by which the armed forces protect the national interest” for investment. provides, to fund and disseminate a campaign of ideas whose creators are none other than members of a foundation whose goal is “to support the renewal of the idea of ​​progress”, as read in the BOE last Thursday. Is. Robles’ Department contributes 22,000 euros to this ‘think tank’ to develop and disseminate arguments in favor of the Department’s increased spending, which is now consistent with an ideological framework that emphasizes common sense, institutional responsibility and Western He turns his back on the knowledge of the dangers. Democracies insisted on the exclusion of the military from the pillars of our freedom system.

The Spanish Left arrives late and badly in the world of war, weighed down by its premises and forced to explain, either directly or indirectly, to intermediaries, which it has for many years It has denied the need to provide the means for the armed forces on which not only national security depends, but also the welfare state it claims to protect.

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