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Many people today still believe that eating gluten-free will improve their health or help them lose weight. A myth that has given great popularity to gluten-free diets in recent years. But have we wondered what consequences this entails?

Well, at the moment when a large number of people, on their own, decide to start a gluten-free diet, they cause, among many other things, that many establishments offer gluten-free dishes without taking into account how these foods should be handled to avoid cross-contamination with those that do have gluten.

I keep finding many establishments where they indicate “gluten-free” on the dishes, but they cannot assure you that there is no cross-contamination or they do not even know what it means.

The problem that celiac people have is that, if the necessary precautions are not taken, no matter how little gluten enters our body, our body reacts very negatively, which causes serious consequences.

No restaurant is required to offer gluten-free dishes; therefore, if they do, it must be under the responsibility of being able to guarantee 100% that the dishes they offer are suitable for celiacs. And how is this achieved? Through information, training and carrying out a protocol to avoid cross contamination. And if this is not the case, if the dishes may contain traces of gluten, do not indicate or sell the dish as “gluten-free”. Nobody forces them.

Don’t you find it outrageous that these establishments carry out this type of action simply as a publicity stunt to win customers and benefit financially at the expense of the only treatment that exists for a disease such as celiac disease? Because I do.

Alicia Castejon Latras


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