“Eat food,” Bipasha Basu says as she gobbles down some healthy desi food


Bipasha Basu is a food and fitness enthusiast who balances her diet and exercise routine. Every time the actress gives us a glimpse of her meals, we are all eyes. In the past, we have also seen her pamper her husband and actor Karan Singh Grover with a variety of delicious dishes. So what’s her new addition to her food diaries? Bipasha recently gorged herself on a desi Bfeast and we learned about it from her Instagram Stories. In the clip, we could see paratha alongside what appears to be a dried aloo kill curry.

Then there is also a plate of masala dal. As the camera moves, we can see larger bowls of curry, dal, and rice on the table. There is another side dish that appears to be made from potatoes. Bipasha he captioned the post, “food coma,” with plenty of exclamation points to express his happiness. Thanking the hosts, he added, “Binal Shah and Soham Shah made it,” with a heart emoji.

Have a look:

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Bipasha Basu loves having desi food. Not long ago, we saw her enjoying some Gujarati dishes. Bipasha barricaded himself undhiyu — which is basically made with a variety of vegetables cooked in a pool of spices. Bipasha captioned the post: “Thank you Roopa Pandit and Anand Pandit for my favorite #undhiyu. With love.” The producer and his wife also attached a note to the plate and Bipasha showed it to us as well. He would say, “As winter is about to say goodbye in the Gujarat region, I would like you to try the latest Undhiyu preparation of the season.” Read more about it here.

Like us, Bipasha Basu also likes to enjoy the season’s favorite with great joy. it seems that she eats gajar ka halva on his birthday every year. When the actress called her birthday last month, she shared a photo of herself holding a bowl of gajar ka halwa and wrote, “Tradition mom made gajar halwa for my birthday.” She also added a sticker that read, “Delicious in my tummy.” Click on here to know more about Bipasha Basu’s birthday celebrations.

Bipasha Basu is the type of foodie who doesn’t miss out on good food during festivals either. She gave us important dietary goals through her traditional kanjak bhog dish during Navratri. Her plate of food had halwa, puri, kala channa and aloo ki sabji. Know more about it here.

Bipasha Basu’s food diaries are very relatable. You do not agree?


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