Dolores Delgado climbs into the race’s highest rank without the support of the Financial Council’s majority


Attorney General of State, lvaro García Ortizhave decided to appoint this Thursday His predecessor, Dolores Delgadoas head of the Chamber of the Supreme Court’s robbed prosecutor’s office, which means his promotion to the highest category of the racean appointment that Only five members of the Financial Council have endorsed Against the six who have voted.

As told to Efe by tax sources, the advisory body of the Attorney General’s office is split in two when addressing the appointment of the former Justice Minister and the former Socialist deputy, despite the fact that in careers this is common. a lawyer general When he leaves office he is promoted to Chamber Prosecutor.

of the 12 members of the Financial Council, an advisory body whose vote are not binding on the attorney generalFive have voted in favour: three ex-officio members, including lvaro García Ortiz, and two members of the Progressive Union of Prosecutors (UPF).

against six

Six have done it against, All those from the Association of Prosecutors (AF), the majority in the race, the Conservative, and the most overweight in the council, have supported Luis Rueda for the position; While a member of the Professional and Independent Association of Prosecutors (APIF), Salvador Viada attended while his wife, anti-corruption prosecutor Teresa Galvez, held the same position as Delgado.

In contrast, a Almost unanimous support has been received by Alejandro Luzon, which re-validates the position of chief anti-corruption prosecutor for five more years, one of the key positions at stake at the second meeting of the Financial Council headed by lvaro García Ortiz since he was appointed last July .

there was another Lieutenant Prosecutor of the National High Court, The position will henceforth be exercised by Marta Durantez Gil, who until now served in the Technical Secretariat of the Attorney General’s Office, a body directed by the current Attorney General for two and a half years.

Also in this case, the council is divided, as the majority of the union members and APIF endorses Miguel ngel Carballo, A conservative prosecutor with a long career in the National High Court and who has been in charge of that position for the past five years.

more appointments

The Financial Council has also appointed Maria Farnes and Santiago Herrizo Best Prosecutor of the Canary Islands and La Rioja, respectively; Málaga’s chief prosecutor Juan Bautista Calvo-Rubio, while Pedro Javier Jiménez Lafuente and Juan Baratec will continue to lead Granada and Huesca, respectively.

In addition to these appointments, the Council has approved a favorable report on a preliminary draft of the organic law to revise criminal code, regarding animal abuse, The text, according to information provided by the prosecutor’s office, strengthens animal punitive protections and provides more adequate tools to prosecute animal abuse and abandonment.

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