Dollar price opens higher and is located at S/3,907 this Friday, September 23


Dollar price started rising on this Friday, September 23 and stayed at S/3.9077, According to Bloomberg Agency. Thus, as reported by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP), it advanced 0.61% compared to reaching S/3.884 at Thursday’s close.

in parallel market at 9.17 am andThe green ticket was quoted at S/3.88 for purchase and S/3.92 for sale. for its part, Banking dollars were bought at S/3,877 and S/3,933 . sold on On interbank windows.

internationally, wall Street Markets opened lower on Friday after another disastrous trading week, in a depressed market on a stronger-than-expected tone from the US central bank (Fed), which brought the indices near their lowest levels of the year.

In early trading, the Dow fell 0.97%, the Nasdaq 1.09% and the broader S&P 500 1.13%.

locally, Government announces to end compulsory use of masks and the need for a vaccination card. As per the new provisions, mouth covers should be used only for hospitals and public transport as well as citizens with respiratory symptoms.

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