Dollar price in Venezuela today, September 23, according to DolarToday and Dollar Monitor


dollar today represents dollar value Venezuela In BS 8.31 for today, Friday, September 23, 2022, as per the latest report on its official website. while the website dollar monitor set the average of BS 8.33 per dollar. Price is higher than the official rate offered by Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV),

BCV refers to the established official rate From Monday to Friday in operation between private and public banking in Venezuela. whereas DollarToday and Dollar Monitor They are the main broadcasters of Parallel Dollar.

DollarToday and Dollar Monitor TODAY, Friday, September 23: Dollar price in Venezuela

DollarToday, September 23: Dollar price

DollarToday Portal. sets the price of BS 8.31 per dollar for today, Friday September 23, 2022.

DollarToday: Parallel dollar price in Venezuela Today, Friday, September 23, 2022. Photo: DollarToday

Dollar Today, September 23: DollarToday Calculator

Dollar (US$) Bolivar (b.)
$5 BS 41.55
$10 BS 83.1
$20 BS.166.2
$50 BS 415.5
$100 BS 831
$500 BS 4155

Dollar Monitor: Today’s Price, Friday, September 23

page Dollar Web Monitor shows the average of BS 8.33 per dollar, as last updated.

Dollar Average in Venezuela: @EnParaleloVzla Price Today, Sep 23

@EnParaleloVzla page shows average BS 8.30 per dollar, as last updated.

Tasty Dollar: This is how the dollar is quoted in Venezuela

One of the parallel market portals in Venezuela, the Delicious Dollar, shows the exchange rate of BS 8.11,

BCV Official Rate: Dollar Price in Venezuela

Establishes the value of the Central Bank of Venezuela BS 8.11 For every dollar, a value that will last until Friday, September 23, 2022.

BCV official rate: Dollar price in Venezuela today, Thursday, September 22, 2022. Photo: BCV / Twitter

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