DolarToday and Dollar Monitor: Dollar Price in Venezuela Today, Wednesday, November 23


DolarToday sets dollar price in Venezuela BS 11.60 For today, Wednesday, November 23, 2022, as per the latest reports on its portal. While the website Dollar Monitor’s average BS 11.76 per dollar. price exceeds the official rate established by Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV).

The BCV shows the official rate established from Monday to Friday in operation between private and public banks in Venezuela. While DolarToday and Monitor Dolar are the main disseminators of the parallel dollar.

Dollar Live Price Today, Wednesday 23 November according to Dollartoday, Dollar Monitor and others

The Central Bank of Venezuela updates the official dollar price

The Central Bank of Venezuela set the official dollar rate in Venezuela at 10.23 bolivar

Photo: Twitter/@BCV_ORG_VE

Dollar Monitor (@EnParaleloVzla) set the price of the dollar in Venezuela

The official website of Dollar Monitor (@EnParaleloVzla) updated the dollar rate in Venezuela on Wednesday afternoon.

Photo: Dollar Monitor

Dollar Monitor Today, Wednesday 23 November: Dollar prices in Venezuela

The Dollar Monitor portal updated the dollar price in Venezuela this Wednesday.

Photo: Dollar Monitor

Dollar price in Venezuela, according to various platforms

This is the dollar price in Venezuela according to various portals:

BCV: BS 10.23 | DolarToday: BS 11.41 | Dollar Monitor: BS 11.35 | @EnParaleloVzla: BS 11.36 | Tasty Dollar: BS 9.99

Yummy Dollar: Dollar Rate for Today, November 23, 2022

Yummy Dollar web portal updated North American currency rates in Venezuela.

DolarToday Today, Wednesday November 23: Dollar price in Venezuela

According to the DolarToday portal, the value of the dollar in Venezuela remains at 11.20 bolivars.

DolarToday Today, Wednesday November 23: Dollar Price

DolarToday sets portal price BS 11.60 per dollar today, Wednesday, November 23.

The official website of DolarToday quoted the parallel dollar price for this November 23, 2022 at BS 11.60. Photo: Dollar Today

Dollar Today: DolarToday Calculator, Wednesday, November 23

Dollar (US$) Bolivares (BS.)
$5 BS 58.00
$10 BS 116.00
$20 BS 232.00
$50 BS 580.00
$100 BS 1,160.00
$200 BS 5,800.00

Dollar Monitor: Wednesday, November 23

Dollar Monitor page shows average BS 11.76 per dollar, as of last update.

According to the Monitor Dollar portal, the value of the dollar in Venezuela was updated at 11.76 bolivars. Photo:

Average Dollar in Venezuela: Value of @EnParaleloVzla Today, Nov 23

@EnParaleloVzla page shows average BS 11.63 per dollar, as of last update.

@EnParaleloVzla : Dollar rate in Venezuela today, Wednesday, November 23, 2022. Photo: Dollar Monitor

Yummy dollars: this is how the dollar is traded in Venezuela on November 23

Tasty Dollar, one of the parallel market portals in Venezuela, shows the exchange rate of BS 10.23,

Today, the price of the parallel dollar in Venezuela for November 23. Photo: Yummy Dollar/Shot

Official BCV Rate: Dollar Price in Venezuela

Establishes the value of the Central Bank of Venezuela BS 10.23 For every dollar, one worth that will last until Wednesday, November 23, 2022.

The Central Bank of Venezuela for each dollar in Bs. Establishes a value of 10.23, this value will last till Thursday, Nov 24, 2022. Photo: Twitter/@BCV_ORG_VE


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