Doing China’s Dirty Work: Joe Biden Weighs Sanctions Against US Ally India for Russian Military Stockpiles


Joe Biden welcomes the Indian leader in the White House in September.

Joe Biden is weighing whether to impose sanctions against staunch US Ally India over its stockpiles of Russian military equipment.

India is the largest democracy in the world and have been moving closer to the US in recent years especially under President Trump.

It doesn’t matter to the Biden regime that India bought the military equipment before Russia invaded Ukraine.

China will be thrilled with the news. The Chi-coms are staunch Russia supporters and are working closely with the Putin regime. But Biden is not threatening sanctions on China. Maybe its the millions Joe and Hunter pocketed from the communist regime?

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India and China are currently in conflict in the contested border in the region of Ladakh. So guess who else this helps?

The Hill reported:

The Biden administration is weighing whether to impose sanctions against India over its stockpile of and reliance on Russian military equipment as part of the wide-ranging consequences the West is seeking to impose on Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine.

Donald Lu, the assistant secretary of State for South Asian affairs, on Thursday told lawmakers in a hearing that the administration is weighing how threatening India’s historically close military relationship with Russia is to US security.

“It’s a question we’re looking at very closely, as the administration is looking at the broader question about whether to apply sanctions under CAATSA or to waive those sanctions,” Lu said.

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