dog resembling virginia wolf


Virginia Woolf, pictured with her ‘cocker spaniel’, ‘Pinka’ in 1939.getty

One generation is equal to 15 years. This is approximately the time a dog lives. That unit of measure used to pinpoint a group of writers, artists, and politicians in history also delimits a human biography, in this case Miguel’s own, according to the dogs that have passed through his life.

Except the anonymous Munger who was crushed to death by a truck knight, playing with reading in the hammock during the summer of his teenage years and who was sacrificed by a daily wage laborer with a shotgun at point-blank range when the pain he had suffered in recent days was unbearable, the other dog was a In the garden near the sea, buried under a lemon tree. Of them all, Miguel has received a teaching.

In the last years of the Franco regime, a few months old dog came into his life which was given to him by a friend. She was a blond Cocker Spaniel, bred in Kensington to champion parents and educated at a prestigious kennel in the Bloomsbury neighborhood of London. it was called Laura And with it Miguel went through the final phase of the dictatorship, the advent of democracy and a flurry of reaction, including a frustrated coup, until Socialists’ access to government. His forehead was curved and long; On closer inspection it looked like Virginia Woolf And the languid and elegant way of relaxing on the couch may be similar to that of the author who ruled the Cambridges of a golden gang made up of intelligent, frivolous, modern and crazy creatures. At their home at 46 Gordon Square in the Bloomsbury neighborhood, philosophers Bertrand Russell and Ludwig Wittgenstein, art critic Clive Bell, economist John Maynard Keynes, writer Gerald Brennan, novelist EM Forster, writer Katherine Mansfield and painters Dora Carrington and Duncan Grant. They wore flowing clothing and soft hats when hunting Lepidoptera in the gardens of their country houses; He traveled to Greece and Constantinople with several trunks lined with canvas and there he combined the vision of Phidias or the Blue Mosque with the contemplation of ragged children, which allowed him to be aesthetically and elegantly kind; Then, in Gordon Square, under the smoke of a chocolate-flavored pipe, he discussed psychoanalysis, quantum theory, Fabian, new economics, and Cézanne, Gauguin, van Gogh and Picasso. Some pretended to be communists and even risked a double game of espionage. They always had a purebred dog at their feet near the fireplace or a lulu in their arms. They seemed happy halfway between creature intelligence and neurosis in a complex plot of interconnected relationships beyond good and evil, but their butter-colored clothing covered the same greasy passions of normal humans. In the end, his whole philosophy came down to holding house parties dressed as sultans. Maybe they have pure bred dogs, but Laura He does not get distracted by them because his expressions were swing Unmatched while on the go. Without a doubt, she would have been well received at the most selective dog clubs.

How do I explain that Miguel can imagine that fascinating world of Bloomsbury just by looking at his dog? Analyzing each of his movements was already a lesson, beyond reading Waves, for the Lighthouse, Orlando or Mrs. Dalloway. Miguel had learned to enjoy love from his dog without guilt, because no matter when he came home, early or early, drunk or sober, defeated or victorious, he always greeted him by waving his tail. The beauty of morality, the belief that there is no force more powerful than aesthetics, was taught by Miguel by taking a closer look at his dog’s character. Lara. He barked only what was necessary. He never did it when the supermarket guy, postman or plumber came home, as dogs without ancestry do. Nor did he bark at friends or beggars. Its untimely ulcers are released only when there is a disorder around it. At whom will the dog bark? Why is she so restless? Perhaps it was an unexpected reflection of the sun on the lawn in the garden or someone passing by in the street, who sensed by the smell that it was unpleasant. She was just a neurotic like Virginia Woolf. Maybe he had that same headache and that point of frenzy that never hurts you if you think you’re an artist. It was enough for him to join the Bloomsbury dog ​​pack and reach for the rug by Gordon’s fireplace. square. Bitch Laura He knew everything about Miguel and always responded wisely to any state of mind, good or bad, of his master. It is buried under a lemon tree and on the ground covering it Miguel planted some petunias. when he died Laura The disillusionment had not started yet.

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