Does Urdangarin have a team of escorts paid for with public funds?


Inaki Urdangarin is in the news again this week and is on the cover. The reason for this is his romantic and passionate escape from Vitoria to Formentera with his new partner, Ainhoa ​​Armentia.

The magazine ‘Readings’ features an entirely photographic report of lovebirds kissing and uncovering their passion during the holidays. Cuddles on the sand, she wraps her leg around his waist, kisses in the water… And all the possible scenes that two lovers could star in a beach day (Male arousal, appearing under bathing suits, included).

The paparazzi author of this report tells the Mamrazians that, despite the fact that they went unnoticed, because, immediately, they were recognized by the rest of the bathers, The two were charmed by each other and very uninhibited, oblivious to the rest of the world, At all times, during the approximately six days of the journey, he was accompanied by two escorts on the beach.

Yes, dear readers, Infanta Cristina’s ex still enjoys various privileges and is still assigned (and paid for) two agents. Those who protect you we don’t know what. This latest episode of Romance in Balearic Waters didn’t come cheap: Vitoria-Ibiza Flights, Ferry to Formentera, Car Rental, Hotels & Food, that nothing is missing.

Nine months after separating from Infanta Cristina, he remains together within Spanish territory In addition to traveling internationally, two agents from the National Police CorpsLike your normal weekend trip to France with your friend Ainhoa. In this case, the escorts accompany him to the border crossing and return to spend time at his four-star hotel in Vitoria, while the former duke embarks on his new relationship and enjoys his free time.

Every seven days the police couple is freed by two other accomplices. We know that, sometimes, these escorts get busy with other tasks that have nothing to do with protecting Urdangarin’s physical integrity and suddenly, He can be seen doing various jobs for the former Duke Or of extreme concern that the former handball player is not photographed with his new illusion.

Nothing surprises us now. The same thing happened with the ex-husband of Infanta Elena. Two years after Jaime de Marichalar and Elena de Borbón divorced, The former Duke of Lugo continued to maintain the daily escort of two agents from the National Police Corps. By the way, some of the agents who were escorting Don Jaime (that’s what he wanted to be called) complained about his methods and his conduct, which had little to do with ensuring his safety. . Currently, according to the assessment of the Ministry of the Interior, their protection is no longer necessary. Let’s see how long it takes for Inaki Urdangarin not to be “necessary”, because it will cost us a fortune.

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The Ministry of the Interior still does not govern Urdangarin’s private security, Despite the fact that the Transparency Council asked to know the cost and duration of their escort team. Official Secrets Act of 1968 “For security reasons & rdquo; And we’ll stay tuned to know more details about it.

It’s time to arm yourself with patience again. Let’s better entertain ourselves and have fun with the pinkest part of this sanette: Duke’s “Spliced” And In Love.

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