Do you want to lose weight? Be careful with these habits, without knowing it makes you fat


overweight And this obesity These are conditions that cause people’s bodies to suffer from other conditions. they can be the origin of many diseasewhat Diabetes, high blood pressure and various types of cancer, Causes increased wear of the joints and heart and are among the most important risk factors for developing the most severe forms of COVID-19, even as we age.

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Many a times we are not aware of the reasons for this extra weight, it is advised that, first of all, consult a doctor, so that he can order necessary tests to establish the origin of those extra kilos.

Apart from this it is also important to know habits and very common behaviors, and others not so much, that lead us to gaining weight…and we don’t know!

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Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, the lockdown and the activities on technology platforms are skyrocketing fattening habits all over the world. For example, Spain is one of the countries where this phenomenon is viewed with concern.

According to experts, conscious eating, an active lifestyle and rest time are the three fundamental pillars of avoiding weight gain. European Institute of Medicine on Obesity (imo). All of this should be combined with 40 minutes of physical activity daily, at least five times a week, to boost metabolic activity.

These are the habits that make us fat without even noticing it:

1. Women: Zero Lights While Sleeping

Lack of quality sleep encourages an increase in body weight due to hormonal imbalances.

According to a study published by, women who sleep in the bedroom with TV or lights on are more likely to gain weight Journal of the American Medical Association (Jam)Based on a survey of nearly 44,000 American women and followed for five years.

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They were classified according to their level of exposure to artificial light at night, such as small night lights, clock radios, and street lights, televisions, or lights from the room itself. One of the findings was that those who slept in the bedroom with a light or television on were 17 percent more likely to gain 10 pounds or more during the research period.

Co-authors Dale Sandler and Yong-moon Mark Park from the National Institute of Health and Environmental Sciences in North Carolina suggest that light may suppress melatonin production, which disrupts circadian rhythms and eating patterns.

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Thus, it is also clear that lack of quality sleep encourages an increase in body weight, which occurs due to imbalances at the hormonal level. Specifically, less leptin, the appetite-suppressing hormone, is secreted and more ghrelin (the hunger hormone) is released. So sleep in the dark!

2. What I Said: Stress Leaves Nothing Good

During times of stress, you are likely to eat high-calorie foods, even if you are not hungry.

There is increasing evidence that stress Plays an important role in weight gain. Chronic stress disrupts our sleep and throws blood sugar levels out of balance. This increases appetite and food becomes an emotional outlet, says Dr. Edward T. Creegan of the Mayo Clinic.

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Stress disrupts sleep, leads to higher stress levels and higher blood sugar levels.

Being under stress makes it difficult to eat healthy. In specific moments of great stress, people eat with the intention of satisfying emotional needs. “In times of stress, you’re likely to eat high-calorie foods, even if you’re not hungry,” says Cragan.

Stress disrupts sleep, leads to higher stress levels and higher blood sugar levels. Over time this can lead not only to unhealthy levels of body fat, but also to type 2 diabetes.

To prevent weight gain and reduce the risk of obesity, it is important to keep stress under control. Feeling less stressed and more in control in life will make it easier to maintain the habit of healthy eating and physical activity.

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Doctors recommend: Recognize the warning signs of stress, such as anxiety, irritability and muscle tension. Before you eat, ask yourself why you’re eating: Are you really hungry or is it because of stress or anxiety? If you’re tempted to eat but aren’t hungry, take a distraction.

3. Not for still photos!

cell phone

The only group protected from metabolic, heart and brain diseases are those who exercise conscientiously.

If more calories than leave enter the body, people become obese. So far, most studies have focused on the axis of what we eat, but investigations such as Lancet Global Health Show that this view is not correct, because sedentary lifestyleAccording to these experts, it will be responsible for more than double the number of deaths due to obesity.

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According to Ulf Eklund, a researcher at the University of Cambridge, prolonged immobility increases the risk of death by 59 percent over an eight-hour workday.

For this researcher, the evidence is clear and really the only group that is protected against metabolic, heart and brain diseases is those who exercise faithfully for at least half an hour every day, five days a week. “From there the downside, that is, less time devoted to regular physical activity, translates into quantifiable risks,” says the academic.

4. Chew Well

Digestion begins in the mouth, so it is important to chew food thoroughly: so that it mixes with saliva and begins to be digested

Some studies have shown that overweight people chew less and for less time than normal weight people.

Eating in a hurry and without thinking about what we are doing is a habit that makes us feel like a bloated stomach, we gain weight, it makes us suffer from constipation, gas, irritable bowel, hiccups and other digestive problems. does.

Digestion begins in the mouth, so it is important to chew food thoroughly: so that it mixes with saliva and begins to be digested. In this way, the stomach is not overloaded, as saliva, which performs many functions, favors digestion and activates the first defensive barrier against bacterial infection that comes with food.

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Saliva contains amylase, an enzyme that initiates the digestion of carbohydrates and helps break down food chemically. If the food does not stay in the mouth for a long time, then amylase cannot work properly and if the food reaches the stomach too quickly, then the stomach has to work harder.

5. Fattening Jobs

Tell me how skinny you are, and I'll tell you how much you risk dying

The most sedentary professions are often associated with unhealthy lifestyle habits, which lead people to gain weight.

Some professions indicate more difficulty than others in living a healthy lifestyle due to certain working conditions.

According to nutritionists, military personnel, cooks, truck drivers and office workers are most at risk of weight gain.

among them’thickeningAccording to the European Medical Institute on Obesity, there are people who are security service personnel, cooks and food handlers, truck drivers and workers in transport services, office workers and those who work in managerial positions, who in general show a higher risk of weight gain. Huh. IMEO).

According to this institute (, this increased risk is due to several factors such as working in a small workspace that limits mobility, and lack of regular physical activity or poor planning.

According to Imeo, people who practice these occupations usually have unhealthy habits, such as smoking, sleeping less, working under pressure or stress, eating succulent menus, fast food, snacks and fried foods; Snack between meals and use your free time in a more sedentary way.

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