Do you love video games? Follow these tips to choose the best gaming laptop


Let’s start by clarifying that laptop that suits everything type of players Since then Relevant who use it hobby also for Experience why pros who are dedicated eSports. We must remember that this is a term used for competition Video game, also known as electronic games either cybersports. Because of this the company Asus Dedicated to innovation, design and technical quality, talked about the basics that every lover Video game things to keep in mind when starting your search for the acquisition of gaming laptop.

With these tips, you’ll be able to improve decision while doing Investment, given that it the minimum What can this type of cost cost? computer Huh 20 thousand pesos, While the maximum price can be approx. 60 thousand pesos. it depends a lot on Specific either individual let it be your way Play Play. According to asus, have some needs Specific For each User name, although we can give you general features so that you don’t just go for it brand, but for a Device it’s really going to leave you at this point technical and visual.

The advantage of playing on a laptop is that you save more light and can have the same fun as a console or desktop PC. Photo: Adobe Stock

Things to keep in mind while buying a gaming laptop

port of entry and exit

a when buying gaming laptop it is important to know how many peripherals More we plan to add you. We’re talking about whether you’re going to include a mouse, headset, webcam, etc. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you the minimum number of ports your laptop should have:

  • USB: These will allow you to connect external elements to the laptop such as:
    • rat
    • keyboard
    • headphones
    • external storage units, among other peripherals you need.
  • you can get Device with low ports USB (Type A or C), because it allows the device to Thin If laptop There are few ports in the desired, you should take into account the purchase usb multiport, or a Docking Dock.
  • HDMI or DisplayPort Port: These are essential if we want to add a show either external screen To enhance the gaming experience.
  • thunderbolt port: you must if you want stream audio and video to another screen. port Vajra (3 and 4) will allow in a way faster.
  • Ethernet: This is very important if you are planning play online. the best way is through a Internet connection Via This port. it will be necessary that you laptop Is it integrated or otherwise, you have to buy one external device that allows you to connect through USB.
  • Audio: This element can not be missing because if you want to connect a headset or external speakers, they must be done through the port usb, from the entrance of 3.5 mm or both at the same time. since they use microphone and some of Belongings passed built-in lights.
Another point in its favor is that it has excellent portability for frequent relocation. Photo. adobestock

graphics card

graphics processing unit (GPU) makes pixels that form Images while a favorite video game is being played on the screen. this piece is important to enjoy of one Play Play fluid and of Great resolution offers is high or higher number of pixels on screen, need better GPU. depend game type either Quality of graphics you should, you should review it Adjustment with whom he Team matters. We give you an example, enjoying a game with a resolution will be very different 1080p one for one in breeding 4K this is because it is necessary four times more Pixel count. So keep this in mind anyway.


It is worth remembering that the video card is associated with a good screen. choose the right original For us user experience. for this we must consider Size, Technology, Resolution and by Fresh Rate. Let us remember that the latter refers to price of still images which appears in a screen In one second. we just want to emphasize that, if you choose small screen A can afford better portability why transportation Our Device anywhere but one gaming laptop with 17 inch screen will give players unique immersion

  • resolution: remember that high resolution, plus pixels appear in screen and allow Good quality of image, In addition to allowing better sharpness. In current teams we can find Adjustment that get a quality up to 4K, leaving quality behind HD second type laptop.
  • Refresh Rate: Greater refresh rate either pace of Update, helps Play they look more Liquid substance why easy to follow. Nowadays we will find configurations that start in 120 Hz that provide a great experience Play Playor equipment that exceeds 144 Hz which will undoubtedly bring you a step ahead your Opponents.
  • Shape: teams ranging from 13 inch until 17. Some with thin bezels. if you want one extreme portability Device small are ideal, but if you’re looking for a immersion of your game, large screen and with thinner edges will allow you Enter without distraction.


to improve the performance of a laptop gamer it’s important storage. units ssd (Solid State Memory) Improved performance hdd (HDD). This causes the player to enjoy a better flow at the time of Play video games. because memories ssd Use Flash memory instead of tools magnetic have a storage advantage because they also load program more files 10 times faster than HDD. This helps in reducing the operating system boot time. Therefore, the ideal storage is 500GB, so you can shop a lot of Play where you can enjoy your free time or professional training eSports.

In addition, and thanks to the attachments that can be attached to it, it works as an encore and can simultaneously record and broadcast our games. Photo: Adobe Stock


it is distinguished for being a Component one of the most important gaming laptop, since it takes Data, calculates, and stores the result in memory. Present different types of processor required according to the strength of the display and according to the performance of laptop. They are classified according to number of cores and their power (GHz). that is, The more cores you have, that would be just as good performance which is estimated in your Favorite Video Game.

to hit

As new titles hit the market, they offer better Graphics and Flow. so the time will come when you Device requires a to hit who is able to drive them We give a description of each:

  • a to hit of 8GB is ideal for casual games and allow the vast majority of Video game For PC.
  • with 16 GB of to hit can be executed Video game plus recent and it requires more consumption Resource, Also allows to execute application In background. It is ideal for those who love to perform streams.
  • for his part, a to hit of 32 GB not only allows run Video game High demand and use of applications in the background, also prolongs the time Use of Device. it connects Construction either Content editing.

You already have it, these are the aspects that yes or yes you should consider while getting one Device This Shape. If you want to talk more then keep this in mind autodidact, you can find out description Technique In Internet. However, we recommend that you visit a specialty store of different brands so you can Compare worth And this Quality Of Device.

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