Dimitri Senmache: they present a motion of censure against the Minister of the Interior


The bench of People’s Force presented to the table of parties of the Congress of the Republic a motion of censure against the Minister of the Interior, dimitri senmacheafter being initialed by 35 parliamentarians.

According to the document, the head of the Ministry of the Interior is accused of being politically responsible for the escape of the former Minister of Transport and Communications Juan Silvawhose whereabouts have not been known since June 7. They also rebuke him for his “inaction and apathy” to capture the former official and the fugitives Bruno Pacheco and Fray Vasquezthe latter is the nephew of President Pedro Castillo.

Similarly, the minister is reproached senmache its lack of response to disputes with weapons by informal miners in the province of Caraveli (Arequipa), which caused the death of 14 people. He indicates that his responsibility would come from the “omission of functions and management incapacity” during the confrontations.

“The events that have occurred are sufficient reasons for the current Minister of the Interior leaves the ministerial office before, due to their incompetence and inaction, more tragedies continue to happen in the country that destabilize the nation”, emphasizes the initiative.

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Likewise, it indicates that the arguments presented by Senmache Artola did not convince the Supervisory Commission regarding the disappearance of Juan Silva, Bruno Pacheco and Fray Vasquez. “On the contrary, it has deepened the contradictions and has left more doubts that lead to confirming the aforementioned signs of lack of diligence in the exercise of their functions,” supports the Popular Force motion.

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