Digimin Boss Tested by Harvey Colchado


Head of the Directorate General of Intelligence of the National Police, Luis Sanchez Lira, his predecessor Whitman Ríos Adrianzen and PNP commander Mario Hidalgo Yen will be investigated For alleged abuse of authority for attempting to remove Colonel PNP Harvey Kolchado from the Search Division for Fugitives from Justice.

Will be investigated by prosecutor Mario Barron Serna from another office first prosecutor’s office In response to a complaint made by the Corporativa Penal de San Isidro-Lins, Senior Prosecutor and Coordinator of the Special Team of Prosecutors Against Corruption of Power, in charge of investigating the surroundings of the President of the Republic, Peter Castle,

Sanchez Lira and Ríos Adrianzen will be investigated for abuse of authority and Mario Hidalgo, Chosen to replace Colchado in the above search division, Must answer for alleged usurpation of works.

investigation begins with a Complaint filed by senior prosecutor, Marita Barreto Rivera, coordinator of the special team of prosecutors against the corruption of Power, Last September 14, after attempting to remove Colchado.

Marita Barreto condemns that the change of Col Colchado would affect coordinated action prosecutor And this policeman in the investigation of a The alleged criminal organization that had established itself in executive power.

With the formation of an efficient binomial (Special Team of Prosecutors and Special Support Team) PNP), the results were clear and were seen in a very short time (a month), receiving deliveries to the officers of those under investigation who were in hiding, conducting operations and raids, and crippling illegal operations. To make arrests. Barreto said the police would execute the alleged criminal organization.

Despite this skillful work, on 12 September Digimin’s director, Luis Sanchez LirasRíos Adrianzen, which removed Harvey Colchado from his position and named Commander Mario Hidalgo as his replacement. The core of that change was to be left without a budget and interfere with the support offered by Colchado. prosecutor,


citation. under force driving warning, The prosecutor’s office called Whitman Rios, Luis Sanchez and Mario Hidalgo to testify at noon on October 12. The same morning, Colonel Harvey Colchado and the ministry’s attorney general would have to do the same.

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