Despite the PSOE’s misgivings, the Sanchez reform continues without shutting itself down for embezzlement


  • After the approval of the budget in Congress, the head of the government says, “Wait for the parliamentary procedure.”

  • Socialist leaders link the hypothetical revision of the penal code to an attempt by the “main European democracies” to “approve” Spain, as they did with treason.

Pedro Sanchez has celebrated this Thursday Congress. The approval of the budget beyond the measures contained in the project has highlighted that Progressive Majority of the House continues to be well established. “I want to thank the 10 political parties that represent 12 million Spaniards, for putting the common good before any other interest,” the prime minister said of the public accounts. within this climate of understanding and To beg from someone To parliamentary partners, the socialist leader has once again opened the door to reform the crime of embezzlement that the ERC defends.

In the first place, Sanchez has ruled out the kind of reform that could be approached as partial modification For the project to replace sedition, this means having fewer weapons when facing a challenge to independence, as happened in Catalonia in 2017. draw lessons What happened after that. The tools of politics are: dialogue and reunion. is in the constitution Article 155 before any attempt to violate the constitutional order. The instruments will remain in the rule of law,” the socialist leader said.

He then linked this imaginary embezzlement reform to an effort “Acceptance & rdquor; grief As for the crimes of the “main European democracies” in Spain, there is an argument that even the prime minister used to approve the reform. Balwa. And finally, he asked clam down When asked whether the socialist group would support the Republicans’ initiative. “We are going to wait for the parliamentary process,” he said.


In theory, it would be ckd Who will propose this amendment of embezzlement, which is intended to apply only when it is linked to treason and not to offenses of corruption. However, Moncloa sources for days cooling down That possibility. But Sanchez has once again encouraged them with his words this Wednesday.

it is second time Sánchez refrains from confirming what the socialist group will do if the ERC files an amendment to reform embezzlement, despite the fact that privately some ministers assure that the issue is no longer on the table and that Until the Republicans won’t register it. At a press conference in Bali (Indonesia), after the G-20 summit, the President had already spoken conditions like, without rejecting its support.

These new performances are all the more surprising because in recent days the ERC has demonstrated Doubt About the legal reserve of this change. Republicans don’t want it to help reduce sentences for politicians involved corruption cases ERE, like ‘Gurtel’ and ‘Nuse’. hard to do separation, between embezzlement for one type of crime or others, calls into question its viability, although Republican Party sources assure that they will continue to fight the matter till the end.

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Once Congress approves a process this Thursday to reform the penal code and replace treason with the new crime of a new public disorder, next week revision deadline And this will happen after the ERC confirms its intentions.

As is the case with treason, the incentive to reduce penalties for embezzlement would directly affect the chairman of the ERC, oriole junqueras, short duration disability And can participate in elections in less time. In addition, it would help 1-O prosecute several senior officials of the Generalitat who diverted money to events scheduled to celebrate 1-O, cases were opened at Courts 1 and 13 of Barcelona and Superior Court of Justice Catalonia, stay out of jail.


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