Despite the invocation of the Executive, Minister Huerta would be censored


The first Minister Hannibal Torres called on Thursday Congress not to dismiss the head of the Ministry of the Interior, Willy Huerta. For Torres, his minister has been doing a good job in his portfolio and his departure would harm the work of the Executive in citizen security.

“The Congress of the Republic has the power to censor ministers, whether rightly or wrongly. In my opinion, the Minister of the Interior is working intensely, he is doing a good job, so I would modestly ask Congress not to remove that minister from us because it harms the work that the State is doing in terms of citizen security.”, said Torres in Moquegua.

Hours earlier, at the Fifth International Congress on Citizen Security, held at the Legislative Palace, vegetable plot He replied that he will acquiesce to the decision made by the Plenary. “I have concentrated on working in the fight against citizen insecurity, strategies have been carried out to strengthen the police institution, in that sense, I will work until the last day in my office and I will comply with what the law provides. Congress”, he referred.

“Since the beginning of my administration, I have not received any disposition from the government to hinder the work carried out by Mr.Harvey Colchado) and support for the Public Prosecutor’s Office. As you are witnesses, I am going to withdraw it, at the beginning of my administration it was alleged that I was going to obstruct the Special Team, but to date that is false, ”he stressed.

The panorama looks complicated for the Minister of the Interior. The benches of People’s ForceAdvance Country, Popular Renewal, We are Peru and Alliance for Progress have announced that they will vote en bloc in favor of its censorship.

The Integrity and Development group evaluates joining. However, one of its members, Susel Paredes, announced that she will vote in favor of the motion. In the same unknown is the bench of Podemos Peru, of José Luna. Although Podemos forms part of the Board of Directors with the allies of Fuerza Popular, it does not usually confront the Executive. One of its congressmen, let us remember, was Minister of Agrarian Development this year: Óscar Zea.

Censorship requires a simple majority of congressmen in favor. Fujimorism only needs to add Popular Action. At the close of this note, in the lampa party, according to its former spokesperson José Arriola, the majority planned to support Huerta’s dismissal. There is a group of acciopopulists who do not see favorably to censor it, among them Darwin Spinoza. However, in conversation with this newspaper Espinoza commented that he will abide by what the bench has.

Since July, with the corruption scandals and alleged obstruction of justice by the government of peter castleThree interior ministers have passed through the cabinet: dimitri senmachewho was censored; Mariano Gonzáles, removed by the president and now Huerta, whose continuity hangs by a thread.

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