Decreased spending in the regional government of Arequipa and the municipality


The region’s main institutions will not end up implementing their entire budget for 2022 this year. A few weeks before the end of the fiscal year, the Regional Government (GOR) of Arequipa has spent only 58% of its financial resources for works, according to the Portal for Economic Transparency of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF). The central government gave him Rs/933 crore 69 thousand 959, out of which only Rs/542 crore 525 thousand 483 has been deposited., There is still S/390 million 544 thousand 476 to be spent, a very important figure pending with the management of the regional governor, Kimarly Gutierrez.

Harberth Zúñiga, president of the infrastructure commission of the Arequipa Regional Council (CRA), explained that the entity’s goal was to reach 70% performance. “They will not be able to reach 70%. Much less is spent by the regional government, which is the second most important in the country. This brings to light an undeniable reality, which is the lack of technical capability to unlock projects by contract and by direct administration”, declared the counsellor.

He argued that many of the problems stemmed from a lack of files for investment projects. He cited the example of the construction of the San Juan Bautista de la Salle Educational Institution, which began in 2018 and which has stalled because it was considered a material for flat roofing that is only found in Italy. “I do not know of any facilitator who has been punished for this. This must end with copy and paste in files,” he said.

The regional unit is the one which has the maximum number of stalled works due to various problems. As per the latest report of the controller’s office, 10 out of 102 projects in this sector are stalled, and which is equal to S/156 million 282 thousand 458.

low cost

The Provincial Municipality of Arequipa also presents the problem of expenses. I only use 42% of your budget. During this period he received S/95 million 751 thousand 004, currently spending S/40 million 302 thousand 694. If you ask the population, there is a lot of discontent because the works have not accelerated,” said provincial councilor George Kondori. He agrees with Minister Zúñiga that the delay has much to do with insufficiently prepared technical files. He stressed that many are under review, assessing the excess and for this reason the payment cannot be expedited.

He started the work of Bicentenary Road Interchange, A.V. Mentioned the intervention of Vidaurazaga and even the whereabouts of the Integrated Transportation System (SIT), which has not been completed. “There is no work of provincial influence,” he said.


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