Death toll from strong storm in Corsica rises to five


At least three people have died And twelve Mediterranean islands have been injured by falling trees and infrastructure on Corsica Strong storms hit most parts of France, This is the latest balance reported by AFP, citing sources in the maritime province.

among the dead A 13 year old teenager, a 46 year old male and a 72 year old femaleAccording to le monde, The minor died after a tree fell in his bungalow at Sagon Campsite. The woman died after the roof of a straw hut fell on her vehicle at Liamon Beach in Kogia. And that person was also a victim of a fallen tree on his bungalow in Kalvi.

With strong thunderstorms since Thursday morning winds up to 200 km/h This paradisiacal and tourists have hit the French island.

The province of South Corsica warned that the storms were causing “significant damage and disruption of circulation.” Just like that, 45,000 homes have been left without electricity,

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