Daenerys urges the EU that the new digital euro should not replace cash


Denaria, the platform in defense of physical money, demands from the European Union that the digital euro does not replace cash. It does so with full preparation for the adoption of a single digital currency by the European Commission. In this sense, the institution calls on community officials to “explicitly” guarantee that the digital euro will be treated as a complement to cash. A traditional claim of this forum, which has made his speech difficult in the face of advances in the design and potential adoption of the currency. In Deneria’s opinion, “it is necessary that, if the legislative initiative explicitly makes the digital euro legal tender, the commission also regulates the legal tender of cash in euros.” RELATED NEWS Standard Tribune No Bitcoins and Cash: Notice to Surfers Javier Ruperez Javier Ruperez, President of Deneria, warns of the risks of using these virtual assets as a payment or investment instrument In addition, the Organization for the European Union It also prescribes duties to shield the use of cash. “In general, it is necessary to promote common law that regulates the unified management of the use of cash within the EU and allows for the handling of acceptance-related problems,” they say in a statement. “Upon availability, Member States should ensure that credit institutions continue to provide essential banking services and cash deposit and withdrawal facilities throughout the Euro area, including at the local level. should evaluate the need for measures at the EU level,” he said of his view and access to financial institutions. Furthermore, relating to the latter, Denaria emphasizes that “‘cash-back’, Tools such as the ‘cash in shop’ or post office are not a substitute for the social function of banks to provide adequate cash services to citizens and commercial customers, with the required geographic coverage”, although it acknowledges that these measures may not be able to detect For “this is interesting”.

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