Criterion Pays 80 Million to Foundation with a New Dividend


Criteria will pay Dividend 80 million euros to its sole shareholder La Caixa Banking Foundationas agreed on Thursday protection of the institution. This is the fourth payment which, in this concept, is made by the investee company. caixa so far this year.

Thus, the norm sum €285 million Since the beginning of 2022, an amount that represents about 80% of the figure with which it paid its shareholder last year.

social work

As always, the payment will be made in a single installment over the next two months, and will be charged for release premium,

These dividends are used by the foundation to finance its budget. social workWith the aim of contributing to the building of a fair society, with more opportunities for the most disadvantaged groups.

biggest of the year

The fourth dividend that the foundation will receive is the largest in 2022, after paying 60, 70 and 75 million euros on the three previous occasions in which the foundation has received money from its shareholder.

Since 2019, Criterion has paid a total of €1,365 million to the Foundation for the concept.

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