Cristina Fernández de Kirchner defends herself in the corruption trial: “It’s nonsense”


This Friday in the sunny morning of Buenos Aires, the Argentine vice president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner has spoken in the trial in which she is accused of corruption. In a speech that began just after 11:30 a.m. local time and lasted for an hour and 20 minutes, the 69-year-old lawyer presented herself as her own defender in the case in which she is accused along with others. people. “Incredible lies” In what has been the last day of arguments of the defense of the vice president in the trial in which she is accused of corruption in public works in the Argentine province of Santa Cruz, Cristina Kirchner has reappeared with force to three weeks after the attack that took place near his home, where a man shot him with a gun. After the commotion generated by the attack in Argentina, the trial resumed last Monday in Argentina, when the defense arguments began. Last month the prosecution of the case had requested 12 years in prison for the former president, in addition to her perpetual disqualification from holding public office for life. In one of the first sentences of her statement this Friday, made from her office in Congress -and which was the closing of the round of defense statements, which began this week-, Cristina Kirchner explained why she had made the decision to make a pleading in her capacity as attorney. In this sense, she assured: “If she was not a lawyer, she would have been defenseless against the prosecutor’s argument.” In her speech on Friday, the vice president also stated: “They brought me to the trial by the hair, this is nonsense”, in addition to referring to the “incredible lies” of the prosecutors in the case. “Justice only acts like this with me,” she said, while she assured: “This accusation of illicit association has neither head nor tail and is unconstitutional, anti-republican and anti-federal.” Minutes later, she even said: “This trial has no constitutional scaffolding, it is nonsense.” Related News standard No Cristina Kirchner defends herself after the accusations against her: “It is a trial against Peronism” Guadalupe Piñeiro Michel The former president questioned the judicial process for the Vialidad case, exhibiting journalistic notes and judicial files In addition, in her speech, which had place in the National Senate, requested that the prosecutors be investigated for prevarication. “I am going to request that testimony be extracted from each of the lies of the prosecutors contrasted with the witnesses, the expertise, the documentation with the evidence in the file and with the law,” she said. “Argentina does not come out with this justice,” said the vice president, who claimed to feel “in a state of defenselessness.” And she insisted on her criticism of justice by referring to the links of some members of the judiciary with political power, assuring that there are “prosecutors and judges play in the fifth of Macri -the former president-“. With this argument, the official was referring to the weekend home of former president Mauricio Macri, since prosecutor Luciani -prosecutor in the case against the vice president- and judge Rodrigo Giménez Uriburu, one of the members of the Oral Court, formed part of a soccer team that participated in competitions there. Regarding the attack, Cristina Kirchner also alluded to the attack of which she was a victim at the beginning of this month. On this subject, she noted: «As of September 1, I realized that there may be something else. From the judicial field, social license is given so that anyone can think and do anything«. In addition, she made reference to another fact that has her as the protagonist. “This year posters appeared throughout the city – of Buenos Aires – with the word ‘assassin’,” said the vice president. On the other hand, the former president mentioned some of the country’s media such as Clarín and La Nación, accusing them of stigmatizing her. In this sense, the vice president insisted: “I had to endure 25 newspaper covers.” Along the same lines, the official made a comparison between the situation of the judicial case and the functioning of the media and pointed out: “There are not three tons of evidence, what there is is 30 tons of covers from Clarín, La Nación and some another weekly publication and a person is stigmatized ».

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