COVID-19: Case of a person who is in isolation even after 2 years of the outbreak of the pandemic


Raphael. is a resident of Rio de Janeiro, Brazilwhich from 2020 extreme care is taken COVID-19 and have followed recommendations a measure of cleanliness issued by the authorities to avoid fingering,

and is that their case is similar to that of a thousand, for whom lockdown did not end with the reopening of public places, but was extended for two more years, Fear to virus.

Raphael completely changed his life, as he stopped going out, to do simple activities such as supermarketTo mall Or to roam in a public place.

Thousands created a social panic. , Photo: Pixels

His testimony was a relief, as his home has practically been a the prison and they fear Quick living for so long lockdown And in anticipation of the development of the epidemic.

Dozens of items it holds wine bottles Apart from which you have used to disinfect various items Hair who fell during this.

Rafael is 38 years old and he started even before the pandemic treatment psychologist while working as freelancer support someone autismthat helps with various formalities,

Isolation was a measure to prevent infection. , Photo: Pixels

his life changed

With the appearance of Covid-19, Rafale implemented a Management for your visitors, as well as food order and pharmacy, to avoid contact Or that their relatives enter their house more.

your concern for hygiene To such an extent that I put the food I ordered from a restaurant back in the oven Fear that he had the virus, he also got burn it To let it warm up for a longer time.

getting vaccinated was a problem because i was afraid graspAlthough his relatives helped make this possible, two nurses from a local clinic visited Raphael’s home in December 2021, taking all necessary measures to make him feel safe. get her vaccinatedhe got them special dressWhich are used by scientists who are at high risk of contagion.

The risk of infection has increased in some people. , Photo: Pixels

Raphael claims that the pandemic is not over And refused to go out until the death toll from Kovid-19 was between five and ten. Besides, he was about to start a psychiatric treatment To reduce anxietyHowever, the idea that a Confusion Derived from the drugs made her go to the emergency room to turn her away from treatment.

There are other cases like this in which one element is the same, Fear You behavior repeated In a stressful situation, however, not all is lost, as it is a behavior that can be treated medical and understanding the new normality and carrying out activities that provide Security Since when are you going again each context is different because while there were people who saw imprisonment as a Chanceothers dealt with it as a threat,

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