Court of Justice worker caught dancing in gym during working hours


Facebook page of a gym Chikleo District (Lambayek) live-streamed a sequence of exercises without imagining that it would cause problems for one of the participants. The Reason? He was in full working hours.

it is the servant of Lambayeque’s Superior Court of Justice He He had requested for remote working after supporting his vulnerability to COVID-19 with medical documents, However, in the video he is seen participating in a group routine during working hours and without respecting the bio-security measures.

In view of this, Juan Richelme Guillermo Piscoya, President of the Superior Court of Justice of Lambayeque, made an unexpected visit to the server’s house.

The president of the Superior Court of Justice in Lambayeque confirmed remote work as a servant of judicial power at his home. Photo: Facebook of the Court of Justice of Lambayeque

There he interviewed the person in charge of the condominium’s security and he confirmed that the worker was gone, to which the Head of the Court requested that the relevant records be prepared and that the relevant administrative action be initiated. court work,

Similarly, it ordered that the occupational health sector immediately prescribe a new medical assessment for all judicial and administrative employees who work remotely to determine the continuation or cancellation of said work due to leave or compensable leave. are on. ,

“All servers who have confirmed their vulnerability status have been provided with the facility to do their work remotely during working hours so that they stay at home and are not exposed to the spread of COVID-19. Monthly salary – Lambayeque should follow his shift to avoid delays in dealing with the procedures to be processed in the court”, he pointed out.

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